A mermaid dress is alluring and makes a woman irresistible as it mimics the shape of the mermaid body. Popularly known as a fish tail, this dress fits the upper body while hugging the lower body and flares out at the bottom. Dress designs with this silhouette are glamorous and have a feminine touch which prevents it from looking indecent. Whether for an evening event or prom, there is a mermaid dress that will accentuate your curves.

Mermaid Wedding Dress Designs

Mermaid wedding dresses tend to emphasize the upper body while camouflaging the legs. Suitable for brides with an hourglass figure, when wearing this dress avoid bras with straps and wear a seamless undergarment to ensure a smooth dress flow.

Mermaid Strapless Wedding Dress

mermaid wedding stripless dress


Mermaid Lace Wedding Dress

mermaid wedding lace dress


Mermaid Lace Dress Designs

The right way to show off your curvy body is by wearing a mermaid lace dress design. Lace is feminine and has a delicate trait that will make any woman beautiful. Instead of white opt for colored lace and pair with sparkly chandelier earrings.

Mermaid Black Lace Dress

mermaid black lace dress

Mermaid Sleeveless Lace Dress

mermaid sleeveless lace dress

Mermaid Prom Dresses

The right prom dresses have a way of making a young lady feel like a queen or princess. The flaring characteristic of the mermaid dress will make it comfortable for you to move around as well as dance. And even with the wrong shoe color, this dress will hide that flaw!

Mermaid Lace Prom Dress

mermaid lace prom dress


Mermaid Prom Dress

wedding mermaid prom dress


Long Sleeve Mermaid Dresses

Long sleeve mermaid dresses have a formal image that makes them ideal for an evening occasion. They emphasize the hips and waist hence when wearing this dress makes sure you are comfortable with your body.

Black Long Sleeve Mermaid Dress

black long sleeve mermaid dress

Long Sleeve Mermaid Maxi Dress

long sleeve mermaid maxi dress

Mermaid Maxi Dress Trends

When you need to hide the tummy or waist, wearing a maxi mermaid dress can help you do that. The flowy nature of this dress design will look amazing on any body shape. Those in cotton or polyester material are ideal for summer.

Mermaid Maxi Prom Dress

mermaid maxi prom dress


Strapless Mermaid Dresses

Are you looking for a dress that will display your toned arms? Then opt for strapless mermaid dresses. For an edgy design opt for a wide flare mermaid dress and add chunky jewelry especially those in metallic designs.

Blue Strapless Mermaid Dress

blue strapless mermaid dress


Strapless Mermaid Wedding Dress

strapless mermaid wedding dress


Mermaid Formal Dresses

Mermaid formal dresses are suitable for attending a black tie or white tie event. The floor length design will suit any formal event. Go for dresses made of luxurious fabrics such as satin, lace or silk and add a classy pearl or diamond necklace.

Lace Mermaid Formal Dress

lace mermaid formal dress

Sequin Mermaid Dress Designs

Sequin Mermaid dresses have a sparkly fabric that makes them great as party dresses. To avoid looking too glittery, pair with simple accessories and opt for sleek hairstyles like a ponytail or a low bun hairdo.

Gold Sequin Mermaid Dress

gold sequin mermaid dress

Mermaid Evening Dresses

Mermaid evening dresses tend to be in neutral or dark colors like brown and black. When selecting, these dresses ensure you get fabric that makes you feel comfortable and classy. They are meant to make you look radiant, so the color of the dress has to match your skin.

Velvet Mermaid Dress Trends

Velvet mermaid dresses are feminine and luxurious. The long length gives a sophisticated look that will make you the center of attention. For cold evenings layer with a cashmere scarf or shawl and add a statement clutch.

Red Velvet Mermaid Dress

red velvet mermaid dress

Short Mermaid Dresses

Mermaid dresses come in many designs, and a short length is ideal for ladies who want to show off their legs. Short mermaid dresses are sexy and exude a flirty vibe. They make it easier to wear statement heels that will make your legs the focal point.

Black Short Mermaid Dress

black short mermaid dress

Beaded Mermaid Dress Designs

Show your festive mood by wearing a beaded mermaid dress. Whether beaded at the waist or on the upper top, wearing this dress is all about making a bold statement. To look classy, pair with subtle accessories.

Silver Beaded Mermaid Dress Design

silver beaded mermaid dress design


Casual Mermaid Dresses

Casual mermaid dresses feature a pattern and color that works for daytime events. They are so fun to wear as you can layer with a cardigan or jacket. For a trendy look add a black choker and a leather jacket.

Casual Mermaid Maxi Dress

casual mermaid maxi dress

Vintage Mermaid Dresses

With vintage mermaid dresses, you are getting one of a kind 1900s design that will ensure you look unique. You can break down the vintage look by adding modern accessories such as a metallic cuff.

Floral Mermaid Dress Designs

Whether for spring or summer, floral mermaid dresses are feminine and timeless. The floral pattern with warm colors will brighten up your whole look.  You can style this dress with gold jewelry or matching earrings and even add a floral headband.

Floral Mermaid Wedding Dress

floral mermaid wedding dress1


A mermaid dress is a show-stopping gown that flares out at the bottom in a way that will camouflage problematic thighs or legs. It clings to most of the body hence ideal for ladies with a slim body structure or hourglass figure. Just like with maxi dresses, there are also different mermaid dresses to fit any body shape.

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