Trendy and chic, two piece dresses make a bold fashion statement that is hard to ignore! They are so popular that most designers are incorporating them in their latest collections. They feature a skirt which ranges from a mini to a maxi and a crop top. They are even available as long sleeve dresses for ladies who want to show less skin. What makes these outfits unique is that they are very versatile such that you can wear them as a team or solo. You may also see Cocktail Dress Designs

Two Piece Homecoming Dresses

Homecoming provides the perfect occasion for ladies to show their fashion style and what better way to do that than by wearing a trendy two-piece dress. They come in different necklines and length, so you will find a design that flatters your body shape.

Black Two Piece Homecoming Dress

black two piece homecoming dress

Two Piece Prom Dresses

If you want prom dresses that will make you stand out, then opt for two piece dresses. They are modern, sexy and even come in different colors to match the prom theme. You may also see Short Prom Dress Designs

Two Piece Formal Dresses

Two piece formal dresses feature long sleeve designs and a hemline which often sits below or at the ankles to ensure you look presentable and elegant. Go for those in neutral hues or darker shades.

Two Piece Bodycon Dresses

If you want a modern dress that is classy, then opt for two piece bodycon dresses. These dresses are designed to showcase your body curves in a flattering way while making you look fashion forward and fun. You may also see Bodycon Dress Designs

Long Sleeve Two Piece Bodycon Dress

long sleeve two piece bodycon dress

Two Piece Lace Dress Designs

Lace will always be trendy and what better way to show its timelessness than on a two piece dress. Go for light, soothing colors to ensure you look classy, pleasing to the eyes and not too coordinated. You may also see Lace Dress Designs

Red Two Piece Lace Dress

red two piece lace dress

Two Piece Mermaid Dresses

Show off your midriff in a sophisticated way by wearing a two-piece mermaid dress. Suitable for ladies with an hourglass figure, with this dress you can display your curves in a classy way. You may also see Mermaid Dress Designs

Two Piece Mermaid Prom Dress

two piece mermaid prom dress

Two Piece Casual Dresses

Whether girly or preppy, two piece casual dresses are all about showing your fun side. The best part is you can separate the pieces to get extra wardrobe possibilities. Take your skirt and pair with your favorite graphic tee for a casual look.

Pink Two Piece Casual Dress

pink two piece casual dress

Long Sleeve Two Piece Dresses

When you want an outfit that draws less attention to your arms yet look stylish, then your go to design is long sleeve two piece dresses. Pair with high heels or a chunky heel to elongate your body.

Long Sleeve Two Piece Evening Dress

long sleeve two piece evening dress

Wedding Two Piece Dresses

Wedding dresses continue to evolve, and this year the two piece design has taken center stage! Instead of the standard lace gown show your unique personality by opting for a gown that has different lace textures.

Two Piece Wedding Skirt Dress

two piece wedding skirt dress

Two Piece Cocktail Dresses

Two piece dresses with bold prints or vibrant patterns have a flirty fun look that makes them perfect as cocktail outfits. Two colored designs are also modern and break up the monotony look of matching set.

Lace Two Piece Cocktail Dress

lace two piece cocktail dress


Vintage Two Piece Dress Designs

Vintage two piece dresses give a retro style without making you look old and unfashionable. Give your dress a stylish twist by adding interesting accessories like animal print sunglasses. You can go for head to toe vintage fashion look or mix different eras.

Vintage Striped Two Piece Dress

vintage striped two piece dress

Black Two Piece Dresses

Black two piece dresses will define your waist and make you look ultra sexy. The color makes it easier to layer with any statement necklace and shoes. If matching black is too bold for you, then add a vibrant chunky necklace or bright shoes.

Beautiful Black Two Piece Dress

beautiful black two piece dress

Two Piece Short Dresses

If you have a different body size on the top and bottom, then two piece dresses will complement your body shape. To show more skin, opt for short dresses and pair with comfortable statement shoes like gladiator heels.

Two Piece Chiffon Dress Designs

Two piece chiffon dresses are lightweight and flowy, meaning that you will be comfortable and feminine. For a luxurious look opt for silk chiffon dresses that skim your curves and has a solid colored cami underneath.

Two Piece Chiffon Long Dress

two piece chiffon long dress

White Two Piece Dresses

White crop top and a matching flowy dress have a simplicity that is perfect for attending an abroad wedding or for going to the beach. Go for a refined look by wearing a two piece dress that has white decorative elements on both the top and skirt. You may also see White Dress Designs

White Two Piece Long Length Dress

white two piece long length dress

About Present Trend of Two Piece Dresses

Two piece dresses are not just for the young generation. The gap between the skirt, and crop top can be so narrow giving the outfit a feminine yet elegant look that will look proper even in older women. Matching two piece dresses save dressing time because you don’t have to think about which top to pair with what skirt. For those who love to show creativity through their dressing, you can wear either the skirt or crop top solo and coordinate with some of your other favorite items.

Two piece dresses whether matching or worn separately has become a trend that celebrities and fashion icons love to wear. Since young generation love crop tops it couldn’t look better paired with mini skirts. So be inspired and invest in a two piece dress and we are sure this is one of those fashion decisions you will not regret making.

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