From the various dress designs that are available on the market, you can find many pieces that have a simple design with unadorned layout that is sure to make you look stylish. Sheath dresses have a close to body fit that makes wonders to every woman’s figure, while you can choose the length depending on your tastes or the occasion. For this post we are bringing you a collection of sheath dress designs to inspire.

Sheath Wedding Dresses

The simple design of the sheath wedding dresses mixed with the elegant color of white ivory and porcelain can give you extraordinary results. Choose a design with minimalistic embellishments that will make you look absolutely stunning on your special day.

Long Sleeve Sheath Wedding Dress

long sleeve sheath wedding dress


Designer Lace Sheath Dresses

Lace is one of the few fabrics that can give an instant upgrade to a dress. You can choose a dress in a sheath style with elegant lines that will make you look incredible on formal and semi formal occasions.

Black Lace sheath Dress

black lace sheath dress

Floral Lace Sheath Dress

floral lace sheath dress

Long Sleeve Sheath Dresses

Long sleeves can give a different approach to the sheath dress designs. These dresses have a sophisticated air that is suitable for office attire as well as for formal occasions like weddings. It works well with flats and medium heels.

Long Sleeve Sheath Cocktail Dress

long sleeve sheath cocktail dress1

Floral Sheath Dress Designs

A floral dress is a necessity to every woman’s wardrobe.  Especially when it is designed in a sheath style, the floral dress will take a new life giving you a strong feminine design that consists of elements of sophisticated glamour.

Floral Print Sheath Dress Designs

floral print sheath dress designs1


Floral Sleeve Sheath Dress

floral sleeve sheath dress

Midi Sheath Dresses

Midi dresses reach the top of your calves giving you a stunning look. These sheath dresses can be matched with sexy high heels and a chic blazer that will make your outfit look crisp and polished with a minimalistic mood.

Midi Sheath Cocktail Dress

midi sheath cocktail dress

Midi Lace Sheath Dress

midi lace sheath dress

Formal Sheath Dresses

A formal dress has to be elegant and stylish. You can find the most exquisite designs for formal occasions like weddings and dinner parties that will turn you into a fashion queen. Choose the color depending on your skin tone.

Black Formal Sheath Dress

black formal sheath dress

Asymmetrical Sheath Dresses

An asymmetry on the dress’s design can give you a strong visual interest. You can find many sheath dresses with asymmetrical designs. Because they have no decorative elements to adorn them the asymmetry adds character to the design making it interesting.

Asymmetrical Sleeve Sheath Dress

asymmetrical sleeve sheath dress

Sheath Cocktail Dresses

For a cocktail dress you can pick a sheath design made of satin, lace or tulle. You can also go for a two tone design incorporating elegantly two of your favorite colors. These designs can be matched with strappy heels.

Sheath Neck Cocktail Dress

sheath neck cocktail dress

Sequin Sheath Dress Designs

Sequins can turn an otherwise simple dress to a glamorous design. You can choose sequin dresses in a dark color in order to add a dramatic air to your outfit or you can go for a vibrant one for romance.

V Neck Sequin Sheath Dress

v neck sequin sheath dress

Beaded Sheath Dresses

Beads can give you a startling look that has a mesmerizing design. The patterns that the beads can create on the dress will make you look chic and interesting. Choose monochrome or a multicolored design for emphasis on the cut.

Denim Sheath Dresses

Casual chic was never more attainable than with denim fabric. You can get a sheath dress with denim that will give you a minimalistic design of a modern look. Match this dress with flats or high heels to give style.

Denim Lace Sheath Dress

denim lace sheath dress


Sheath Prom Dresses

Prom dresses come in many styles. You can choose a sheath dress in order to add a sophisticated tone to your outfit. For extra style you can go for a satin or lacy finish that will make you look incredible.

Short Sheath Prom Dress

short sheath prom dress

Leather Sheath Dress Designs

Leather is one of the few materials that can make every woman look sexy. The sheath cut will define your curves allowing you to flaunt all your strong features with an elegant design. Match with high heels for extra style.

Strapless Sheath Dresses

Show off your shoulders with a strapless dress design. Having it in a sheath cut will help you accentuate your curves elegantly while giving you a strong feminine design that is suitable for weddings and other special occasions.

Strapless Sheath Wedding Dress

strapless sheath wedding dress1


Long Sheath Dresses

Long sheath dresses have a stunning look that is suitable for formal occasions. Impress everyone around you with a long dress in a silk or lace finish. You can match them with elegant jewelry as well as stylish high heels.

Long Sheath Chiffon Dress

strapless sheath chiffon dress1


Long Sleeve Sheath Dress

long sleeve sheath dress

While bodycon dresses fit like a glove on a woman’s body, sheath dresses allow for a little bit of leniency between the skin and the fabric. You can find this dress in many designs while the length focuses around the knees or above them giving you a chic outfit look.

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