Miniskirts are not a recent fashion development at all. It has been there right from the time civilization existed. The only difference between then and now is the trend change and the design change. Back then in the 1800s, women weren’t very comfortable in wearing clothes that showed off their bare legs. However, the concept of style and fashion grew in the later stages and gave birth to the concept of mini skirts designs.

Mini Skirt Design with Frill

mini skirt design with frill1

Faux Suede Mini Skirt Design

faux suede mini skirt design

Animal Print Mini Skirt Design

animal print mini skirt design

Now, the trend is totally different and women like to try and explore their areas in fashion. Miniskirts have also taken its change in shape, style, color, design and texture. There are a million kinds of designs in miniskirts and they vary from texture to style. There are tweaked miniskirt designs, lacy miniskirt designs, flared plain skirt designs, wool designs, striped miniskirt designs, cotton twill miniskirt designs, pleated and printed miniskirt designs and so many more. You may also see Midi skirt outfit Designs

Jacquard Mini Skirt Design

jacquard mini skirt design

Vintage Mini Skirt Design

vintage mini skirt design

Front Zip Mini Skirt Design

front zip mini skirt design

Red Pleated Mini Skirt Design

red pleated mini skirt design

Simple Mini Skirt Design

simple mini skirt design

Quilted Mini Skirt Design

quilted mini skirt design

Floral Print Mini Skirt Design

floral print mini skirt design

Fringed Mini Skirt Design

fringed mini skirt design

Black Lace Mini Skirt Design

black lace mini skirt design

Formal Black Mini Skirt Design

formal black mini skirt design


Cute Mini Skirt Design

cute mini skirt design


Casual Mini Skirt Design

casual mini skirt design


Velvet Mini Skirt Design

velvet mini skirt design


Awesome Mini Skirt Design

awesome mini skirt design


Black and White Mini Skirt Design

black and white mini skirt design


Someone once said, ‘What is old is new again’. So was the case for miniskirts as well. They make a remarkable appeal now in the 21st century that brings back the designs of 40’s and 50’s. A lot of brands like Gucci, Dior, Bloomingdale, etc have picked up the old trend to give a new blend of miniskirts to the womenfolk to embrace their fashion intelligence. You may also see Sheath Skirt Designs

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