It is no secret that many people would be interested in tools to help them advertise themselves. There are, of course, a number of tools that can help such people with their advertising needs, such as flyers or posters. Of course, even small, subtle icons can help people and companies with their advertising, particularly if they choose something easily identifiable with them.

If you yourself were looking for some kind of icon design for whatever you needed, you might be well-served by these options. Aside from advertising, you could also find icons for other uses, such as for individual products you may have to offer your clientèle. Whatever your needs, it is difficult to imagine that you could not find something you can use here.

Flat Icon Design

Universal Colorful Flat Icons

universal colorful flat icons

Modern Flat Icons

modern flat icons

Conceptual Flat Icons

conceptual flat icons

SEO Flat Icons

seo flat icons

App Icon Design

Mobile App Icons

mobile app icons

Weather App Icons

weather app icons

iOS App Icons

ios app icons

iOS Icon Designs

iOS & Android Vector Icons

ios android vector icons

Web Icon Designs

Flat Web Icons

flat web icons

Web Application Icons

web application icons

Multimedia Flat Icons

multimedia web icons

Professional Icon Designs

Professional People Icons

professional people icons

Professional Flat Icons

professional flat icons

Professional Development Icons

professional development icons

What Icon Designs Are Like

Icons can be described as small images of various subjects usually for the purpose of advertising. In that case, those icons can be of a corporate logo or mascot for the sake of brand recognition. These kinds of icons can be an effective vehicle for conveying a particular corporation’s identity as the image can sum up the corporation as a whole in just one image.

Of course, not all icons need necessarily be for the purpose of advertising. One other use of icons is as indicators, such as with social media or music icons. Being that icons are able to convey a disproportionately large amount of information all at once, it comes as no surprise that just one image can say quite a lot.

With that in mind, it is clear that icons can portray practically anything, as they can portray general ideas such as locations, or specific ones such as corporate mascots. This makes icons a flexible tool that can portray any image that users might need of them. This contributes to their effectiveness as tools for corporation, being that they can indicate ideas specific to a given corporation as well as indicate what that corporation can provide.

How to Approach Your Designs

Being that icons are such a flexible tool, it should be unsurprising that there are a number of possible approaches when it comes to designing your own icons. As with other kinds of visual media, you have the option of designing your icons according to particular themes, so that the icons can more easily convey the particular idea that you want them to. Some of the possible choices available to you include:

  • Vintage – Some of the icons available here deliberately evoke a vintage atmosphere by deliberately using images of things from the past. This can include such images of things such as fashion, technology, and others. Using these images can lend your advertisements a sense of age, in that the imagery harks back to those old times for the sake of the aesthetic. Your reasons may be to invoke that kind of old-fashioned spirit, or to give your images a sense of timelessness, which this approach can do well.
  • Minimalist – Another possible approach is minimalism. For many icons, you may have noticed that they possess nothing but the image they convey, without the benefit of other additions like backgrounds. Minimalism is a deliberate design choice, and to not include such details is itself one choice available to you. Doing this makes your image more prominent, so that the image itself can command the attention of your viewers without other details that could tear their attention away.
  • Choice of Subject – You also have some choices as to what you want the subject of your icon to be. Naturally, it should be something relevant to you or what the icon is supposed to signify. However, you have a number of options such that any kind of subject matter can be found here. Whether you want a person icon or an object icon as your design is up to you; but any of those options are available so that you have your pick of how to portray your subject.

Minimal Icon Designs

Minimal Line Icons

minimal line icons1

Minimal Folder Icons

minimal folder icons

Material Icon Designs

Construction Material Icons

construction material icons

SEO Material Design Icons

seo material design icons

Material Design Icons Set

material design icons set

Education Icon Designs

School & Education Icons

school education icons

Hand Drawn Education Icons

hand drawn education icons

Set of Line Education Icons

set of line education icons

Round Icon Designs

IT Services Flat Round Icons

it services flat round icons

Business & Office Round Icons

business office round icons

Social Networking Round Icons

social networking round icons

Email Icon Designs

Email Vector Icons Set

email vector icons set

Vector Black Email Icons Set

vector black email icons set

Flat Email Icons

flat email icons

Business Icons Design

Business & Marketing Icons

business marketing icons

Business Planning & Management Icons

business planning management icons

Business & Advertising Agency Icons

business advertising agency icons

Business Finance Icons

business finance icons

What You Want from Your Designs

These icon designs may have a great amount of flexibility, but there are some things that they should have in common if they are to succeed as tools of advertising. After all, there are some elements that all kinds of advertising must have if they are going to persuade anyone, and icons are no exception. Thankfully, you have quite a number of options with regard to what icon you want to use, including avatar icons. In any case, those elements include:

  • Interesting – First and foremost, the icons themselves have to be interesting and attention-grabbing. Interesting can be a very broad term, but in this instance, it can refer to that element of being able to command the attention of their viewers. Part of being a good advertisement is being able to grab the viewers’ attention from the start. In order to do that, these icons have to be interesting so as to attract their eyes. For example, camera icons can be useful if your message has anything to do with cameras.
  • Colorful – Interesting as an element can be helped along by other elements, one of which could be colorful. The right combination of colors can very much grab the attention of an audience and help evoke the right emotions they need to feel. This is true in both art and advertising. Even if your icon is minimalist in design, it should still be be able to grab the viewers’ attention with the colors, if only to use the starkness of the colors to convey the message.
  • Appropriate – As with other kinds of advertising, the image should be appropriate to the precise message the icon is supposed to represent. If you want to advertise a birthday, it only follows that you would use birthday icons. It does not do to have something represented by an icon that differs from it so much as to make the meaning obtuse. If you are going to send a message, it pays to make sure that the message is not lost in translation.
  • Diverse – Even if you have a definite idea of what your design should be, it pays to have a variety of options. This allows you to be assured of having multiple choices, so that you can be sure that you select the most appropriate icon to send your message. This can also work for you later down the line, if you should see the need to change your icon; if you ever reach this point, you should have a number of choices to update your icon.

Company Icon Designs

Gym Company Icons

gym company icons

SEO Company Services Icons

seo company services icons

Company Vector Icons

company vector icons

Digital Icon Designs

Digital Marketing Icons

digital marketing icons

Digital Communication Icons

digital communication icons

Digital Health Icons Set

digital health icons set

Hotel Icon Designs

Minimal Hotel Icons

minimal hotel icons1

Travel & Hotel Icons

travel hotel icons

Flat Hotel Icons Set

flat hotel icons set

Vector Icon Designs

Business Vector Icons

business vector icons

Social Media Vector Icons

social media vector icons

Vector Food Icons

vector food icons

Vector Weather Icons

vector weather icons

Vintage Icons Design

Vintage Hipster Icons

vintage hipster icons

Vintage Square Isometric Travel Icons

vintage travel icons

Vintage Photography Icons

vintage photography icons

Vintage Clothing Icons

vintage clothing icons1

What are the Different Kinds of Designs?

There are a multitude of different designs, if you should see the need for different icons. The fact that there are so may kinds of icons available simply makes it more possible to have an icon for any conceivable purpose, so that any kind of need can be serviced. Some of these types of icons available include:

  • Business – Many of these icons could conceivably be used for business purposes, chiefly advertising. While these ions would be an excellent tool for advertising, mainly because of how they are able to convey logos to their viewers, corporations can find other uses for them. Being that icons can signify ideas, they are well-suited for representing different aspects of a business, such as management icons and business and finance icons. This is especially useful for corporations that make heavy use of software programs, as logos can make it easier for laymen to find what they need at a glance.
  • Directions – Icons like these naturally have uses for people who travel, whether commuting, or as tourists. These travel icons can easily direct people where they need to go, especially for people who do not speak the local language. This can also translate to icons serving well in signifying icons in hotels, which may also cater to foreigners.
  • Weather – Like other aspects of conveying information, weather reports would also do well to have symbols to represent the information they are trying to ass to their viewers. This makes it easier for viewers to get the relevant information at a glance, as the symbols can make it much easier to get the point across than if you relied solely on words. Indeed, it is easy to get the essence of a weather report solely by symbol.
  • Social Media and Apps – Modern phenomena like social media also rely on icons. Like corporations, the most famous social media websites can easily be understood by their logos alone, which helps with advertising and recognition. Such logos can also readily be seen in mobile apps. Give that there is limited space on a mobile device, it makes sense that programs like apps would be represented by icons rather than words. This makes it much easier for viewers to identify what a given app does at a glance, which can be a convenience if one should have a lot of apps.

Icons are undoubtedly useful tools, especially in advertising. It is more than possible for a company to turn its logo and mascot into icons that would make it easy for them to put their mark on their products, so to speak. Of course, logos are far more useful than that, being that icons are, simply put, images representing something. If you had some kind of need to add add iconography to your things, the icons here should be able to suit your needs.

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