Icon designs are ideal for use in the design of phone apps, games, and any other application in order to give a small snippet of what the app or game is about. This list gives you a few of the best camera icon designs in order to give you some inspiration as to how you should design your digital project in order to give the best image. This list gives you 10 of the best options for around the internet in a range of different styles and themes.

Security Camera Icon

security camera icon

This camera icon is similar to the iPhone camera app icon, except is a simple clear, white camera making it clear what the intention of the app is.

Android Camera Icon

android camera icon

This camera icon is a detailed, 2D camera icon that is much more simple than other icon designs, but it still clear on the intention and purpose of the app. You may also see Multimedia Icons

Vector Camera Icons

vector camera icons

This set of camera icons are simple black and white images that are typically associated with cameras and photography, making them perfect for a simple app design to show the purpose of the app.

Video Camera Icon

video camera icon1

This video camera design is a detailed 2D image of an old fashioned video camera that allows you to create a pretty and simple video camera application design.

Vintage Camera Icon

vintage camera icon

This vintage camera icon is an old fashioned camera with brown tones and a pale blue background with a shadow. This app design is perfect for an app that creates a vintage overlay on photos.

Camera Symbol Icons

camera symbol icons

This camera icons set is a black and white cartoon outline set of cameras that are ideal for creating a beautifully simple camera icon set for a number of different apps and designs.

Digital Camera Icon

digital camera icon

This icon set creates an overlay onto photos to give it the appearance of a digital photograph by adding green digital lettering on the bottom of the photos. This effect can be added to a number of digital imaging projects.

Camera Lens Icon

camera lens icon

This lens icon designs is a simple black camera icon design with a shutter in the centre. This design is perfect for photography apps as it is very clear what the use of the app is.

Movie Camera Icon

movie camera icon

This movie camera icon is a black and white, 2D video camera design that is perfect for a number of different digital projects in order to create a beautiful design.

Retro Camera Icons

retro camera icons1

This retro camera icon design is similar to the instagram logo, so it is perfect for iPhone apps in relation to the popular social media platform.

Photo Camera Icons

photo camera icons

This set of camera icons is a set of black and white camera icons that is perfect for a number of different digital projects and designs.

Mini Camera Icons

mini camera icons

Circular Camera Icons

circular camera icons

Flat Camera Icons

flat camera icons

Free PSD Camera Icons

free psd camera icons

Flat Style Camera Icons

flat style camera icons

Application Camera Icon

application camera icon

Colorful Camera Icons

colorful camera icons

Photography and Camera Icons

photography and camera icons

Realistic Camera Icons

realistic camera icons

These camera icons can be used for a number of different projects in order to create a beautiful design, but also make it clear what the app can do for you. These designs can be used in many different areas and projects so that you can develop the perfect product.

Camera icons can be used for a number of different digital projects in order to create a beautiful photography application design.

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