Icon designs are widely used by thousands of people every day. These designs can decorate projects on various mediums while adding character and style to many otherwise lifeless designs. You can find countless icons to choose like computer ones. With these icons you can decorate a web site, a blog or an online magazine as well as presentations. For today’s post we have prepared computer icons designs collection to show you all the available options.

Flat Computer Icons


These icons might have a flat design however the shadow effects create a stunning look. With these designs you can cover a great range of themes in style and elegance. The computer pack is available in jpg and eps formats.

Desktop Computer Icons


This pack of nine icons features computer screens in beautiful blue colors that display different designs each. It is suitable for web sites and app development while you will find it in six different sizes of 72 and 300 dpi.

Small Computer Icons


This design contains various icons regarding the computer genre. The variety will allow you to create fully functional projects like apps, blogs and web site designs. It is available in ico, png and gif formats to choose the appropriate one.

Old Computer Icons


If you want to give a retro touch to your projects then you could consider this old computer icon. It is a great black silhouette icon design that gives you versatile use for many projects with an informative character.

Vector Computer Icons


This icon design covers a great range of themes. From computer to phone designs and from headphones to camera icons you will find all that you need in this beautiful design that comes in a free of charge vector file.

Transparent Computer Icons


If you want a different design then you can go for this transparent set of icons. It contains fabulous small icons that can be used in app development as well as web sites. You will find them in six sizes.

Black and White Computer Icons


With this pack of computer icons all your needs will be covered. Their modern design combined with their black and white color can give you everything you need through png and jpg format files of high resolution and two background versions.

Business Computer Icons


For a retro design you can go for this chalk designed computer icons. Their creative style can add a sophisticated touch to every business related project. You will find it in eight different sizes to choose the one that fits your needs.

Computer Network Icons


Give a new meaning to networking with these remarkable computer networking icons. They have a colorful design that will accentuate your projects. This design is suitable for web sites, blogs and app development works that need computer icons for style.

Computer Mouse Icons


In four different color versions, this mouse icon design will make your projects look admirable. The colors will give you versatile use for multiple projects while you will find them in high quality formats for excellent results in printable and digital versions.

Round Flat Computer Icons


Realistic Computer Icons


Cable Wire Computer Icons


Computer Icon Set


Locked Computer Icon


Funny Computer Icon


Computer Icons


From 3D to flat icons we have you covered with this collection of designs. We hope that you will give every design a try in order to experiment with the various designs. Take notice that each one has a unique quality that will give you different results of stylish effect.

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