There’s an array of things and objects you would find in an office.. Now how would you like it if you had all that matter in the shape of different icons up on the screen of your computer or any design? Over a period of time, the last decade if could say, icons have grown to become a very important design element. Given the extent of computer use professionally, it made most sense to come out with icons specifically for the office category. Ever since that has began, office icons have only kept getting better and better with each passing day.

Office Icons with Long Shadow

office icons with long shadow


Set of Modern Simple Office Icons

set of modern simple office icons


Vector Black Office Icons

vector black office icons


As you would have already guessed it, this post is going to be all about office icons. Well, depending on what kind of work you do professionally, your office icons may differ. However, there are some standard items which never change for anyone. Even the standard items have been given a designer’s twist when converted into an icon. It should also be mentioned that speaking of office icons, we are not only focusing on the office stationary which is visible on the tables and desks. We are talking the full deal – including office furniture – tables, chairs, cabinets, folders, stage boxes… basically all the works. Yes, you can definitely expect to find and get office icons for all the aforementioned things. That’s not the end of it.

Set of 25 Office Icons

set of 25 office icons

Office Icons: Envelope Pencil Calendar Contacts Clock Pushpin

office icons envelope pencil calendar contacts clock pushpin


100+ Office Flat Icons

100 office flat icons


Office Icons Set with Shadow

office icons set with shadow


Office Icons on a White Background in Circles

office icons on a white background in circles

Set of Colorful Flat Office Icons

set of colorful flat office icons


Set of 88 Office Icons

set of 88 office icons


Black Office Icons

black office icons


2013 Office Icons

2013 office icons

Set of 16 Office Icons with Blue Series

set of 16 office icons with blue series


Set of 54 Outline Office Icons

set of 54 outline office icons


36 Office Icons Linear Ui

36 office icons linear ui


Blue Colour Office Icons

blue colour office icons

50 Unique Office Icons in 12 Different Styles

50 unique office icons in 12 different styles


100 White Web Office Icons

100 white web office icons


Simple Business and Office Icon Set

simple business and office icon set

Black and White Medical Office Icons

black and white medical office icons


Colour and BW Office Icons

colour bw office icons


To check out how extensive the collection of office icons actually is, you should take a look at the creative and stylish office icons we have set for you!

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