Just figure out how unexciting web designs and content would have been without all the icons we see around! Stroke icons, including cloud icons, are particularly useful in supporting your content. They not only make your website good-looking but also enhance the readability of content therein. They help grab the attention of your potential visitors and make them grasp the info intended at a glance because the icons put content in a nutshell. Today, we present you with some of the best stroke and sticker icons collection that can make your designing outstanding.

Multimedia Stroke Icons

multimedia stroke icons

This set of 54 attractive and well-cut multimedia stroke icons can prove to be quite resourceful in your assorted designing tasks that require icon usage. The high-resolution set is available in different formats including PDF, SVG, and AI. It is ideal for your projects related to music, photography, videoing, etc.

Dark Stroke PNG Icons

dark stroke png icons

Featuring a pack of 60 icons, these dark stroke icons look really compelling. If you are working on an app or web design, then this can be a set of icons worth consideration. One good thing about this pack is that the icons are markedly scalable and available in separate PNG files.

Outline Stroke Icons Set

outline stroke icons set

This set of 24 stroke icons featuring outlines of a bell, book, camera, calendar, cloud, gear, heart, etc, can be used on a wide array of design projects. Whether you are designing a website, app or even a print project, this can be a good set to use.

Simple Stroke Vector Icons

simple stroke vector icons

This is beyond doubt a huge collection of icons commonly used in business, weather, electronics, emoticons, etc. You can scale these simple vector icons to your desired size and you can get them in transparent PNG format ideal for use in web design.

High Resolution Stroke Vector Icons

high resolution stroke vector icons

The high resolution of these hand-crafted icons is a great plus for such a huge collection of icons. You get virtually every icon that you may need to use in your e-commerce, business or electronics themed design project from this set.

Thin Stroke Icons

thin stroke icons

The remarkable consistency in style with which these icons are designed will leave your ‘flat’ designs just awesome. Since the icons come in individual shape layers, integrating them into your designs is quite easy and, you can change any given icon’s size or colour.

Outline Stroke Fitness Icons

outline stroke fitness icons

This set of outline stroke icons can be ideal for incorporating in your health and fitness related website. These neatly-cut stroke icons are available in JPG image and vector EPS formats.

Epic Stroke Icons Set

epic stroke icons set

Icons featured in this collection are what we commonly encounter in the media, camping, medical, fitness, food and drinks, etc. You will find them awesome for toolbars and 3-Dimensional touch menus.

High Quality Stroke Icons

high quality stroke icons1

This set features an immense collection of icons used commonly in assorted fields including food, clothing, medicine, sports, etc. The icons are available in different formats including vector EPS and AI Illustrator.
Working on a weather-related app project? Then, this collection of stroke icons could be what you need to make your project great. From the sunny icons to everything weather, you can achieve nice-looking designs easily.

Stroke Fill Icons

stroke fill icons

Flat Stroke Line Icons

flat stroke line icons

Thin Stroke PSD Icons

thin stroke psd icons

Flat Stroke Icon Set

flat stroke icon set

Free Stoke Icons

free stoke icons

Free Psd Stroke Icon Set

free psd stroke icon set

Stroke Gap Icon Set

stroke gap icon set

Stroke Web Icons Pack

stroke web icons pack

Free Thin Stroke Icons

free thin stroke icons

Free Stroke Line Web Icons

free stroke line web icons

Free Vector Stroke Line Icons Set

free vector stroke line icons set

Probably you have found this collection great. Whether it is a website requiring the use of fitness icons or mobile app user interface that you are designing, these icons will make the design really enticing. Just select the ones that appeal to you the most and incorporate them in your designing and, you will find it real fun.

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