As there are a number of animated typefaces available in the market, it can sometimes be a frustrating choice for video editors to decide the best suited. With each moving and spirited typeface carrying a unique set of style and composition, the animated fonts are definitely one of the most inventive ways to grab the attention of the reader and viewer. If you are in dire need of one, we have today compiled a set of 10 animated fonts that will allow you add a special value to your project.

Ribbon: Animated Typeface

ribbon animated typeface

Quirky in its style, Ribbon is an animated typeface that is perfect for the light-hearted projects. The download comes with a set of 78 free characters and a distinct and legible style.

Alquimia: Animated Typeface

alquimia animated typeface

Artistic in its style, Alquimia might not be a practical choice for a variety of projects but is definitely very imaginative and original in its interpretation. The font is designed by Pavel Paratov and can be easily incorporated for bringing an added edge to the project.

Anodine Animated Typeface

anodine animated typeface

With a creative and judicious blend of animated and static typefaces, Anodine is one of the free bendable fonts for After Effects. The informal motion of letters in connection with each other make the font a creative choice for a project.

Binary 2.0 Animated Typeface

binary 2

Binary 2.0 is an animated typeface designed by Maria Jose Torrero Heredia and Jeroen Krielaars. You can customise the two colour theme and even alter the duration and thickness of the line. The font is compatible with Mac and PC.

Moshun Animated Typeface

Moshun is a three colour typeface featuring an elegant and simple animation. Designed by Jeroen Krielaars, the font can be downloaded in both animated and static variations.

moshun animated typeface

Razor Animated Typeface

Razor is an 80s inspired typeface that provides the viewer with flamingo style icons. The font has been designed by Jeffrey Schreiber and Jeroen Krielaars and it offers the user with the option to customise the colour and thickness of the line.

razor animated typeface

Scribe Animated Typeface

This animation ready font is a perfect pick if you are looking for a handwritten style text. You can adjust the font by tweaking with the stroke size and customising the shape paths.

scribe animated typeface

Write-On Animated Typeface

An animated type style designed with a more casual vibe, the write-on animated typeface comes with a total set of 84 characters and 3 layers of customisation per character. This is one typeface that provides you with a load of customising options helping you create a unique look.

write on animated typeface

Madita Animated Typeface

A very customisable animated script font, Madita features a set of characters that seamlessly blends with the consequent others. This results in a pleasing visual flow in the animation as well as the typeface.

madita animated typeface

Barbour Animated Typeface

Classy and elegant, Barbour is a stencil style serif font with an animated typeface that features luxurious feel and very subtle animations. The font is suitable to use in fashion and other lifestyle brand based projects.

barbour animated typeface

Download and grab these beautiful and artistic animated fonts to make your project shine out from the others.

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