We are not going to bore you again with a lengthy intro about the importance of fonts, as we all know that fonts whether creative and formal add an additional value to our design. From the script to sans serifs and brushes, we have today compiled a list of 9 stylish number fonts that are going to turn around the look of your design and creative project.

1. CombiNumerals Font

Available in both a white and black circular base, the font is narrow and clear. The simplicity and easy readability make the font a best fit for print based projects and artworks.

2. KG Traditional Fractions Font

With a hand drawn effect that is casual, relaxed and non-serious, the font is certainly best fit for the informal piece of work or projects. Also of great use where you are looking to go past the formal appearance without being too kiddish.

3. Crash Numbering Font

Lending a bureaucratic flavour to literally anything, the font being digital in nature carries a high feature that enables you to experiment with the height.

4. KR Birthday Numbers Font

With a childlike innocence, the font lends a cute and cuddly graphical value that is perfect for the kid’s art projects, birthday parties and banners.

5. Basket of Hammers Font

The font carries a bold typeface which can make your design instantly noticeable. The shaken and uneven outlines extend a texture and character to the font.

6. Limberjack Number TTF Font

One of the modern and stylish fonts, Limberjack with its decorative quality can alleviate the look of the overall design and also leave an impressive visual impact on the viewer.

7. The Black Bloc Numeric Font

A stunning number style font carries a bold typeface that is best suited for use in the illustrative projects. With uneven and irregular spacing the font will bring an experimental feature to your design.

8. Digital-7 Font Family OTF

Holding a close resemblance and influence of the digital font style, the numbers have the same dynamic quality that can make the overall design officially elaborate.

9. 001 Interstellar Log number

One of the most popular amongst the stylish number fonts, the Interstellar Log number is science-fiction inspired number font which also has certain technical influence.

Download your personal favourite and bring a bit of fun and personality to the numbered text in your design.

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