This symbolic design corresponds to one’s spirituality and religious background. The Tribal cross tattoo design is the most faithful and trusted icon in the world. Some people say that this tattoo protects from the evil spirits. The most beneficiary advantage of these tattoos is that they are available in almost every size. From small to large, you can get whatever you want. One can put it on their chest, foot, ankle, rib, and wrist or even on the back.

Here are some of the most adorable tribal cross tattoo designs. Check them and select the one for you

Tribal Cross Tattoo

tribal cross tattoo


The design is the symbol of love and fear. This cool design applies smoothly on the arm. The design is little typical to understand for one who sees it.
Men love to get this tattoo design done on the side rib. The cross tattoo may look very cool when combined with different designs. It delivers a 3D look that pops up the design of a simple tattoo. The specific color combination is black and red with this tattoo.

Ink Cross Tattoo

ink cross tattoo


This tattoo design is more appealing than any other. Use vibrant red and dark black hue to get the exact design. The idea is to make a four pointed cross and fill in with powerful, passionate and strong red color. Make solid thick lines and wrap it around the cross.

Small Cross Tattoo

small cross tattoo


If you do not like detailing in your tattoos, opt for this design. The plain cross design looks simple yet beautiful on every boy and girl. Somebody who wants some extra outlines comprising waves, curves and strokes should surely go for this one. Make it happen in a black hue.

Water Color Cross Tattoo

water color cross tattoo


This cross tattoo adds a new meaning to the spiritual world. The design is very simple but is mostly used for expressing your religious faith and trust.

Cross Life Tattoo

cross life tattoo


The tattoo delivers the much divine appeal. This tribal tattoo is very thick and simply goes well near the stomach. Let the throne stinging design embrace your neck.  This kind looks amazing on the body-builder guy.

Cross Tattoo on Left Hand

cross tattoo on left hand


Gorgeous Cross Tattoo

gorgeous cross tattoo


This modern and artistic tattoo with different shades of black and blue must be applied in the bold and brave hues. Make a pointed cross and within a circle of a defined frame, leave some twist and loops. The design is both for girls and guys.

Traditional Cross Tattoo

traditional cross tattoo


The design is the combination of vibrant colors, gigantic wings with delicate feathers, and a thick sparkle blue colored cross. Better to ink this massive size tattoo on the back.

Lettering Cross Tattoo

lettering cross tattoo


Dark Cross Tattoo

dark cross tattoo


Lovely Cross Tattoo

lovely cross tattoo


Old Cross Tattoo

old cross tattoo


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