Cross-stitch style has long been known as an embroidery style on fabrics, but tattoo artists are bringing the trend to the body-art world as well. A new and increasingly trendy tattoo design, this quirky style has become quite the craze among tattoo lovers. Be it a sleeve tattoo, or a forearm, if you’re looking to get inked for the first (or even the fifth!) time, we suggest you try these amazing new cross-stitch tattoo design ideas.

Heart Cross Stitch Tattoo

Heart Cross Stitch Tattoo Source

Sweet. Thoughtful. Adorable. Heart tattoos have always been a favorite, especially among the ladies, but this is a welcome change. It is vibrant, expressive and works as a lifetime-long accessory. A new take on a classic idea.

Rose Cross Stitch Tattoo Design

Rose Cross Stitch Tattoo Design Source

Another example of how a classic floral-tattoo idea can be twisted and made into this spectacular design. Also, you can get this on your arms, forearms, shoulder or even on your back. With contrasting and bright colours, this tattoo can be quite attractive.

Cross Stitch Tattoo on Forearm

Cross Stitch Tattoo on Forearm Source

The forearms are quite tricky to get a tattoo on. The idea and the design have to be quite spot-on to actually make it look good. And what better than a cross-stitch tattoo design to turn attention to your newly-inked forearms?

Traditional Cross Stitch Tattoo

Traditional Cross Stitch Tattoo Source

Lately, cross stitch tattoo designs have become one of the most-demanded designs in the tattoo world. It is even a great design to be incorporated in an ordinary tattoo and make it extraordinary. Correct precision and good-quality ink are essential pre-requisites to getting any tattoo.

Cross Stitch Dragon Tattoo

Cross Stitch Dragon Tattoo Source

Dragon for a tattoo? Why not? A cross stitch dragon tattoo is graphic, fun, vibrant and amazingly unique. Although, one should first find an experienced and well-skilled tattoo artist as this particular design needs precision to come to life.

Flower Cross Stitch Tattoo

Flower Cross Stitch Tattoo Source

If you want something that is pretty, and reflective of your nature, a simple flower tattoo design goes a long way. You could give that “simple” idea a refreshing twist by choosing the cross-stitch art. If that isn’t enough, work your imagination and incorporate something outlandish with it.

Tribal Cross Stitch Tattoo on Shoulder

Cross Stitch Tattoo on Shoulder Source

This is one exquisite tattoo, and unique too. The shoulder gives you full scope to flaunt your new body-art in full pomp and show. Plus, it can be very minimalistic and sophisticated too. Cool and sophisticated, at the same time.

Cross Stitch Sleeve Tattoo Design

Cross stitch Sleeve Tattoo Design Source

These are for the ones who cannot get enough of tattoos. Certainly not the faint-hearted. You not only flaunt that amazing tattoo but literally ‘wear’ it on your sleeves. If you are proud of it, flaunt it!

Cartoon Cross Stitch Tattoo

Funny Cross Stitch Tattoo Source

Who said a tattoo always has to be something very thoughtful and deep? It can also be something very spontaneous, humorous, or funny, like a cartoon character or a doodle. Play with your instincts.

Butterfly Cross Stitch Tattoo Idea

Butterfly Cross Stitch Tattoo Idea Source

Add colours or not, make it big or small, a butterfly tattoo design will always be that sexy-pretty combination. Unless, you do it in the unique cross-stitch design and inject some coolness into it as well. A very modern idea, indeed.

Name Cross Stitch Tattoo

Simple Cross Stitch Tattoo Source

Bird Cross Stitch Tattoo

Unique Cross Stitch Tattoo Source

Cross Stitch Tattoo on Arm

Cross Stitch Tattoo on Arm Source

Creative Cross Stitch Tattoo

Creative Cross Stitch Tattoo Source

Pokemon Cross Stitch Tattoo

Pokemon Cross Stitch Tattoo Source

Geometric Cross Stitch Tattoo on Hand

Geometric Cross Stitch Tattoo on Hand Source

Cross Stitch Tattoo on Leg

Cross Stitch Tattoo on Leg Source

Cool Cross Stitch Tattoo

Cool Cross Stitch Tattoo Source

Black Work Cross Stitch Tattoo

Black Cross Stitch Tattoo for Men Source

Cross Stitch Leg Tattoo

Cross Stitch Leg Tattoo Source

Pineapple Cross Stitch Tattoo

Pineapple Cross Stitch Tattoo Source

These cross stitch tattoo designs are spectacularly bright and can be made into practically any design/font you want, adding just the right amount of peculiarity and uniqueness to your body-art. Even popular tattoo designs like a Polynesian tattoo can also be made cooler and more impactful by the cross stitch tattoo art.

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