Apart from having different symbolic meanings, many people opt for matching tattoos to adorn a particular body area. They are an expression of the strong bond people share whether you are next to each other or apart. These are not just matching tattoos for couples, best friends, people who are dating and family members can get them. From thighs, sleeves, back, chest, inner fingers to wrist, there are many visible and less visible areas on which you can ink your tattoo. You may also See Mother Daughter Tattoo

Matching tattoos for couples

While there are many ways to express love, the best permanent way for couples to show everlasting love is by getting matching tattoos. The popular way for couples to ink a tattoo is with each having half a heart, butterfly or lock and key ink art. Both you and your partner should love the design.

Crown Matching Tattoos for Couples


Matching Sister tattoos

Celebrate you sisterly bond by getting matching tattoos. Whether you are blood-related or one is adopted, sisters are linked by the secrets they share and how you covered up for each other when growing up.

Matching Sister Tattoo on Foot


Matching Sister Arrow Tattoo


Matching Bestfriend tattoos

True friendship is about being there for one another through the happy and sad times and best friend matching tattoos are the best way to express your bond without having to remind each other. These tattoos are popular with young generation and act as an exhibit of devotion.

Matching Bestfriend Flower Tattoo


Small matching tattoos

Small matching tattoos are for people who prefer less conspicuous body art. Even though small, these tattoos work to show eternal bond and togetherness forever be it for siblings or couples. You may also See Sister Tattoo Designs

Small Matching Forearm Tattoo


Mother Daughter Matching Tattoos

Both mother and daughter can show commitment to each other by opting for matching tattoos. Both of you can ink each other’s names, love symbol with your favorite quotes, infinity with a text or an incomplete puzzle piece. Whatever design you choose it should be approved by the people involved.

Mother Daughter Matching Tattoo on Shoulder


Matching Love tattoos

What better way to express love between two people than with love matching tattoos. Each of you can ink a half love tattoo with a name. The love should be inked in such a way that when you are together, it forms a complete love symbol.

Matching Finger tattoos

Matching finger tattoos are for people who prefer smaller and less visible tattoos. They are also perfect for individuals who work in a strict work environment where tattoos are not to be seen. Fingers have a small space meaning their tattoos are less painful.

Matching Finger Celtic Tattoo


Matching Anchor tattoos

Matching anchor tattoos show creativity that makes them a favorite to many youngsters as well as older people. These tattoos depict loyalty, immense strong bond and commitment. Apart from the message they express, these tattoos are cool.

Matching Anchor Tattoo on Sleeve


Matching Heart tattoos

Matching heart tattoos are a classic design that is popular with couples and best friends. Hearts are a symbol of love, passion, creativity, unity and adoration. Go for flaming heart or lock and key tattoos.

Matching Rose Tattoo Designs

A rose is one of the most attractive flowers that is common in many tattoos as it adds beauty and portrays deep symbolic meanings. Matching rose tattoos are timeless, so you are sure you design will always look trendy.

Matching Rose Tattoo on Forearm


Matching Skull tattoos

If both of you love gothic style or punk artwork, then matching skull tattoos are for you. These tattoos are a symbol of death yet can have a personal meaning that can best be explained by the two of you. The mystery traits of these tattoos are what makes them alluring. You may also See Cross stitch Tattoo

Matching Sugar Skull Tattoo


Watercolor Matching tattoos

Watercolor matching tattoos are for people who love vibrant, unique body art. The splutters and shades of these tattoos will show the high skills of the tattoo artist and your creativity.

Watercolor Matching Cartoon Tattoo


Lock and Key Matching Tattoos

The most preferred body art for expressing unique love is with lock and key tattoos. You can get these designs in small, medium to large body art with any color combinations.

Lock and Key Matching Black Tattoo


Matching Sleeve Tattoos

If you know your bond will never be broken then matching sleeve tattoos will be a reminder of that. You can opt for a small love design with a quote or same anchor tattoos.

Matching Butterfly Sleeve Tattoo


Matching Bird tattoos

Matching bird tattoos are for people who love to fly. These tattoos will ensure you end up looking more visually appealing. You may also See Arrow Tattoo

Matching Penguin Bird Tattoo


Matching tattoos are a body art that portrays the love and strong bond that people have for each other. These tattoos are for couples, sisters, brothers and even best friends who support each other through any obstacle. Sister tattoos are about expressing the lasting relationship, deep understanding and emotional link between siblings.

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