Creativity continues to bring out awesome new tattoos, and that’s what you get when you opt for a 3D tattoo. These tattoos have a visual illusion of having an extra dimension instead of being flat like standard tattoos. You can take any design that you want and give it a 3D effect to create an illusion of popping out. So if you want a unique tattoo that will stand out try one of these 3D tattoo designs.

3D Flower Tattoo Designs

Beautiful and eye catching, that is what 3D flower tattoos portray. The trick to choosing a design that you will love is to pick your favorite flower and give it a 3D effect to make a realistic effect. The vibrant color of flower tattoos will enhance the beauty of the wearer.

3d Flower Foot Tattoo

3d flower foot tattoo


3d Lotus Flower Tattoo

3d lotus flower tattoo


3D Butterfly Tattoos

Butterflies are beautiful insects and what better way to show their attractiveness than in a 3D effect. 3D butterfly tattoos in vibrant color are ideal for ladies who want to depict beauty and transformation. Men who fancy these tattoos can get one in subtle colors.

3d Butterfly Tattoo on Wrist

3d butterfly tattoo on wrist


Small 3d Butterfly Tattoo

small 3d butterfly tattoo1


3d Butterfly Tattoo on Back

3d butterfly tattoo on back


Tribal 3D Tattoos

Tribal tattoos have meanings that are deeply rooted in various cultures. Even though tribal 3D tattoos are often done in black ink, the effect will make the curved lines, swirl patterns and thick shading to stand out and look more authentic. They large designs look good on men and often depict warrior traits.

3D Tribal Arm Tattoo

3d tribal arm tattoo


3D Cross Tattoos

Draw more attention to the back of your neck, wrist or ankle by getting a 3D cross tattoo. They symbolize faith, hope, and belief in a higher power, so choosing 3D cross tattoos will cement your status on religious matter. You can even incorporate other elements such as a rose or rosary.

3D Cross Tattoo for Back

3d cross tattoo for back


3d Cross Forearm Tattoo

3d cross forearm tattoo


3D Star Tattoo Ideas

Give your star tattoo a personal meaning by integrating it with other designs. When you choose 3D star tattoo designs, you get the freedom to create the star symbol in a different way. Instead of the standard star sign why not ink your star by joining music notes or using two colors.

3d Nautical Star Tattoo

3d nautical star tattoo


Heart 3D Tattoos

Whether on the lower back, stomach, rib or elbow heart 3D tattoos are eye-catching. Choose bleeding heart tattoos to show how you are hurting or add a cupid arrow to showcase your love for significant other. For a bold design opt for a hand squashing a heart in a 3D effect.

3d Love Heart Tattoo

3d love heart tattoo


3D Heart Lock Tattoo

3d heart lock tattoo


3D Dragon Tattoos

With symbolic meanings like power, longevity and wisdom, 3d dragon tattoos are magical. Opt for a large design and get it on your back or chest. For a subtle look, place your dragon tattoos around your wrist to act as a cute bracelet. Men should get their design in black and gray colors.

3d Dragon Arm Tattoo

3d dragon arm tattoo


3D Spider Tattoo Designs

If creepy is what you like in body art, then you will love 3D spider tattoos. They will make you stand out and get noticed. For a daring and edgy design why not go for the black widow or tarantula and add spider webs to give it an authentic effect. Choose the most poisonous spiders to depict your strength.

3D spider Tattoo on Shoulder

3d spider tattoo on shoulder


3d Spider Tattoo on Sleeve

3d spider tattoo on sleeve


Arm 3D Tattoos

Whether on the forearm, full sleeve or just on the wrist area, there are many options for 3d arm tattoos. You can ink a flower, tribal designs or Japanese tattoo in 3D style to make it look unique. You can use these tattoos to express your individuality or personality.

3d Arm Sleeve Tattoo

3d arm sleeve tattoo


3D Name Tattoos

3D name tattoos have a personal touch that makes them popular with many people. Couples can opt to get tattooed with each other’s name while parents can ink name tattoos of their children. Calligraphy style and adding specific dates will help make the tattoos more unique.

3d Name Arm Sleeve Tattoo

3d name arm sleeve tattoo


Small 3D Tattoos

Even small tattoos can get the 3d effect to make them stand out. The high demand for both small and 3d tattoos makes now the perfect time to get your design. You can get small 3D tattoos in any design and where you place it is entirely your choice.

Small 3d Bow Tattoo

small 3d bow tattoo


Small 3d Spider Tattoo

small 3d spider tattoo


3D Skull Tattoo Designs

What better way to make skulls scarier that by getting it in a 3d style. When choosing tattoo designs for women, 3D sugar skull tattoos will fit the criteria. Men can opt for a gothic skull to depict a near death experience or a hostile attitude.

3d Skull Head Tattoo

3d skull head tattoo


3d Skull Tattoo on Leg

3d skull tattoo on leg


3D Back Tattoos

3D back tattoos are usually large so ensure you have the time, money and patience for getting these designs. You can opt to ink a dragon, koi fish, wings, an animal, tree or birds depending on the meaning you want to depict. The large size will ensure your tattoo looks awesome.

3d Upper Back Tattoo

3d upper back tattoo


Geometric 3D Tattoos

One of the rising trends in tattoo world is geometric 3d tattoos. They usually feature lines, shapes, patterns or dot work to form a tattoo that is both modern and timeless. In most cultures shapes such as the circles, triangles and square have a religious significance making geometric tattoos even more alluring.

3d Geometric Sleeve Tattoo

3d geometric sleeve tattoo1


3D Music Tattoos

Music tends to connect people around the globe even when we don’t speak the same language making 3D music tattoos a favorite to many. They are especially popular for musicians, people who write music and music teachers. Opt for 3D music notes or instruments such as a piano or guitar.

3d Music Tattoo for Back

3d music tattoo for back


3d Music Headphone Tattoo

3d music headphone tattoo


3D Tree Tattoo Designs

3D tree tattoo designs can be placed on the back if they are large or wrist and neck for small pieces. Choose apple trees to represent happiness, bamboo for flexibility, oak trees for courage, pine tree for celebration, cherry tree for good fortune, a palm tree for peace and willow tree for inner vision.

3d Tree Tattoo for Back

3d tree tattoo for back


3d Red Tree Tattoo

3d red tree tattoo


3D Bird Tattoos

Give your bird a real life effect by inking the design in 3D. Choose from various types of birds including domesticated ones and those which fly high in the sky. For beauty, purposes get your bird in bold colors while men can opt for simple bird outline.

3d flying bird tattoo


3d Humming Bird Tattoo

3d humming bird tattoo


Scorpion 3D Tattoos

You can depict your zodiac sign by choosing 3D scorpion tattoos. Popular with men and women who were born in the scorpion zodiac sign you can use this tattoo to portray passion, loyalty, commanding, ambitious, dedication and strength. The poisonous nature of a scorpion can also depict defense, fear, and aggressiveness.

3d Scorpion Tattoo on Men Chest

3d scorpion tattoo on men chest


3d Scorpion Tattoo on Stomach

3d scorpion tattoo on stomach


3D Angel Tattoo Designs

3D angel tattoos are beautiful and are great for showing faith and belief in God. They are suitable for guys as well as girls and can feature either the wings only or the image of an angel with a halo on top. The realistic nature of these tattoos makes them magical.

3d Angel Sleeve Tattoo

3d angel sleeve tattoo


3D Sleeve Tattoos

Whether half or full, 3d sleeve tattoos are stunning. They will make your arm stand out especially when wearing a short sleeved shirt, and they are popular with guys because they draw attention towards the masculine nature of the arm.

3d Full Sleeve Tattoo

3d full sleeve tattoo


3d Flower Sleeve Tattoo

3d flower sleeve tattoo


3d Bird Sleeve Tattoo

3d bird sleeve tattoo


3D Tattoos Speciality and Trends

3D tattoos are the rising trend in the tattoo world and most people go for these designs to give their body art an authentic feel. 3D tattoo has an extra dimension that gives them the optical illusion of real life effect. To create this effect tattoo artist use shadows, shading, blur and lighting to give your tattoo the third dimension. Adding highlights or shine to your tattoo will also go further to create a rounded effect.

The 3D effect makes your tattoo appear as if it is sitting on top of your skin. It requires expertise so make sure you get it from a professional tattoo artist so that you will love the end results. They look stunning on guys and girls and you can even incorporate other designs such as cross tattoo.

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