The star tattoos have become popular both with men and women. The star tattoos were favorite among women for a long time. Lots of variations in the tattoos such as nautical star tattoos, shooting star tattoos, etc. are sought after by men for their creative designs and in-depth meaning. While some star tattoo designs are inked for fun for the love of tattoos, some other tattoos are inked for their meaningful representations. You may also See Tribal Tattoo Designs

Nautical Star Tattoo Designs

Nautical star tattoos are the most favorite ones among men for their creative designing such as deep cut star tattoos with meaningful inscriptions, the star tattoos on the back in gray or black etc. The nautical tattoos are preferred by men who are nearer to the sea or men who believe that stars act as guides to their life etc.

Nautical Star Tattoo Design on Wrist

nautical star tattoo design on wrist


Men’s Nautical Star Tattoo Design

mens nautical star tattoo design


Small Star Tattoo Designs

Small star tattoos are liked by both men and women. They can be inked in a simple design with black, gray etc. or in different colors as a group. Either way, they look cute and stylish. They look great on wrists, fingers, neck or ankle.

Small Star Tattoo on Hand

small star tattoo on palm


Small Star Tattoo on Finger

small star tattoo on finger


Star Foot Tattoo Ideas

Star tattoos on foot come in lots of variations. Women usually love to have star tattoos inked in combination with lots of other designs such as flowers, butterflies, infinity symbols, etc.

Flower and Star Tattoo Designs

Flower and star combination tattoos come in lots of variations. They are inked in various colors and shadings. This combination is usually preferred by young girls and women. The flower and star combination tattoos are normally inked as a body art or to decorate their foot.

Moon and Star Tattoo Ideas

Moon and star combination tattoos are loved by both and men and women. The combination tattoos take everyone into an imaginary world with the white colored crescent moon and black stars or a crescent moon with stars falling from the moon. This beautiful tattoo looks great on neck, back, shoulder or arm.

Moon And Star Tattoo on Wrist

moon and star tattoo on wrist


Stars and Swirls Tattoo Designs

Stars and swirls are a great combination for tattoos. The pattern formed with stars and swirls looks natural and beautiful. The tattoo looks great on neck, arm, wrist, ankle or wrist. This combination tattoo can be inked in black or in various colors.

Stars And Swirls Tattoo on Back

stars and swirls tattoo on back


Stars And Swirls Tattoo on Ankle

stars and swirls tattoo on ankle


3D Star Tattoo Designs

3D star tattoos are very popular among young men and women. The depth and the natural look of these tattoos make them popular among everyone. These 3D star tattoos look great when they are big instead of small ones. These 3D tattoos look amazing on the back or shoulder.

3D Star Tattoo on leg

3d star tattoo on leg


Tribal Star Tattoo Designs

Tribal star tattoos look great with various patterns and shades. The tribal star tattoos have various meanings in various tribes. The tribal people used to ink star tattoos to represent a group, a religion or interest towards the stars and stellar constellation as they are believed to protect and guide them.

Tribal Star Arm Tattoo Design

tribal star arm tattoo design


Shoulder Star Tattoos

Star tattoos look great on shoulders as the favorite tattoos can be showed off easily. The star tattoos usually bigger ones are amazing to flaunt on shoulders. The various designs and the intricate patterns of star tattoos can be shown off easily on shoulders.

Compass Star Tattoo Ideas

The compass star tattoos are sought after by many tattoo lovers for their design specification, the symmetry of design etc. While some people go for a simple compass showing the directions, some choose to have an antique brass compass which looks really great. Some tattoo lovers love to have their favorite quote inked along with compass star tattoos.

Compass Star Tattoo on Back

compass star tattoo on back


Compass Star Tattoo on Wrist

compass star tattoo on wrist


Shooting Star Tattoo Designs

Shooting stars are believed to bring good luck and make the wishes true. The shooting star tattoos are loved by everyone as they look beautiful and are believed to bring good luck. There are a lot of variations in shooting star tattoos and they look amazing when inked on shoulders, back, arm etc.

Shooting Star Tattoo on Forearm

shooting star tattoo on forearm


Celtic Star Tattoo Designs

Celtic star tattoos have deeper meanings and they are believed to protect them and their groups. The Celtic star tattoos are beautiful with intricate patterns and they look great whether they are small or big.

Celtic Star Tattoo on Neck

celtic star tattoo on neck


Star Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Sleeves are a great place to show off the tattoos. The star tattoos especially the bigger ones in a single or multiple colors look great on sleeves. You may also See Small Flower Tattoo

Star Sleeve Tattoo for Men

star sleeve tattoo for men


Star Black Sleeve Tattoo

star black sleeve tattoo


Star Constellation Tattoo Ideas

Star constellation is a fascinating mystery that hounds everyone. As they are far away from the human world, it is a mystery to everyone and this makes many tattoo lovers go for star constellation tattoos.

Star Constellation Tattoo on Shoulder

star constellation tattoo on shoulder


Star Neck Tattoo Designs

Many tattoo lovers love to have many small tattoos inked. Stars look great when they are inked small or big. The small star tattoos on the neck can be inked either in a single color or a combination of colors. Neck tattoos are usually preferred by women who like to small tattoos. Star tattoos look cute and beautiful on the neck.

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