Tattoos are a form of expression. They say a lot of an individual’s personality, character and even the things we enjoy. Each one of us has a specific musician or music genre that we love and you can express that love through music tattoos. Music connects people; it is often associated with happy memories and creates a visual image that cannot be expressed by words. From a single note to adding an instrument, music tattoo designs are cool.

Music Note Tattoo Designs

Music notes tattoo are so versatile such that they can be placed on any body part. The small notes like a single clef can be inked on a finger, ankle or incorporated into a large design. The small size gives them a delicate nature suitable for girls who love music.

Music Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Arm tattoos are eye-catching and tend to decorate the hand. Men can opt for music sleeve tattoos to portray their masculinity and to show passion for music. You can even get a vintage gramophone to cover your sleeves.

Music Half Sleeve Tattoo Design

music half sleeve tattoo design


Small Music Tattoos

Small music tattoo can act as a reminder of the passion you have for music. If you are forging a career in music, then these tattoos can help keep you motivated when things get a bit tough. It will act as a reminder to keep believing in your dreams. You may also See 3D Tattoo Designs

Small Music Tattoo on Finger

small music tattoo on finger


Small Music Tattoo on Shoulder

small music tattoo on shoulder


Sheet Music Tattoo Designs

If you plan to be a music teacher, then music sheet tattoo designs are perfect for you. These tattoos are also suitable for music conductors or anyone who performs in an orchestra. The wavy nature of music sheet in black color will make beautiful hand tattoos.

Sheet Music Tattoo for Back

sheet music tattoo for back


Sheet Music Rose Tattoo Design

sheet music rose tattoo design


Music Quote Tattoos

Whether you prefer a saying from your favorite musician or inspiration text, music quotes can help showcase what is closer to your heart. You can even use your favorite quote and get it into a music design.

Music Quote Tattoo Design for Men

music quote tattoo design for men


Inspirational Music Quote Tattoo

inspirational music quote tattoo


Rap Music Tattoo Ideas

If you love music from legends such as 2pac, Eminem, and Nicki Minaj, then rap music tattoo are for you. These designs are perfect for showing the genre of music that is dear to you. You may also See Music Heart Tattoos

Rap Inner Arm Music Tattoo

rap inner arm music tattoo


Vintage Music Tattoo Designs

Vintage music tattoos tend to feature classic musical instruments such as an old microphone, gramophone, and records. Remind yourself about past musician by inking their names on your back.

Vintage Music Tattoo on Hand

vintage music tattoo on hand


Vintage Music Heart Tattoo Design

vintage music heart tattoo design


Tribal Music Tattoo Designs

Tribal music tattoos feature notes or instruments done in black ink only. These designs will remind you of your heritage or culture.  They help show appreciation for music history. The deep shadings make these tattoos perfect for men.

Music Instrument Tattoo Designs

Show the world your favorite musical instrument by inking it on a visible body part such as the neck, feet or sleeve. You can choose from a guitar, saxophone, piano, flute, drum, trumpet, horn to a recorder. Place a large instrument like a piano on a spacious body part such as the back, thighs or chest.

Music Instrument Tattoo on Sleeve

music instrument tattoo on sleeve


Music Arm Tattoo Ideas

If you are a positive person then getting a music tattoo on the arm can help represent your personality. You can even get a bird, flower or anchor in a music design. To show your love for music gets inked with part of a Mozart music sheet.

Music Arm Tattoo for Arm

music arm tattoo for arm


Watercolor Music Tattoos

Most music tattoos have a story behind it, and you can tell your version through a watercolor design. The vibrant colors make these tattoos ideal for women. The different combinations of colors make the tattoo eye-catching.

Watercolor Music Tattoo on Forearm

watercolor music tattoo on forearm


Watercolor Music Tattoo for Women

watercolor music tattoo for women


3D Music Tattoos

Show people just how crazy you are about music tattoo by getting it in a 3d design. The 3d effect will make your tattoo look as if it is popping right out of your skin hence enable it to look even more visible to the naked eye.

3D Music Heart Tattoo

3d music heart tattoo


Music Neck Tattoo Designs

From drawing headphones, piano, Gothic guitar to a vintage record player, arm music tattoos are versatile. If your career is in music, then this tattoo can depict just how much pleasure you get from listening to good music.

Music Tattoo on Back Neck

music tattoo on back neck


Music Star Tattoo Designs

Incorporating music notes and stars is one of the ways to look cool. These tattoos don’t reflect a particular gender hence both guys and girls can get these tattoos. Go for colored stars to give your design an edge.

Music Star Tattoo for Women

music star tattoo for men


As long as people continue to listen to music, then music tattoos will remain popular to both sexes. They help depict a happy mood, joyous occasion and express inner feelings that are hard to say with words. You can choose from music notes to instruments and ink them as sleeve tattoos.

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