Despite its small space size, the hand is one of the most visible body parts for inking a tattoo. Hand tattoos are often for the bold and courageous individuals as the thin flesh makes it painful. Hands play a significant role in turning the ideas into real life objects hence tattoos on this body part help to showcase the hand as an important tool of creativity. Whether for beauty or spiritual significance, hand tattoo designs make a bold statement.

Small Hand Tattoo Designs

Do you want a less painful tattoo? If yes, then go for small hand tattoo designs. You can place small significant symbols on each finger or opt for a single subtle design to cover an ugly mark on your hands.

Small Hamsa Hand Tattoo


Skeleton Hand Tattoos

Skeleton hand tattoos are perfect for men and women who want to show their bold personality. The skull is a symbol of death. Hence you can use it to remind yourself of the trying phase you once had.

3D Skeleton Hand Tattoo


Skeleton Praying Hands Tattoo


Rose Hand Tattoos

Rose hand tattoos are suitable for ladies as this flower is often a sign of femininity and beauty. You can opt for a rose colored tattoo to further help your hand to stand out. You can also use this tattoo to remember someone you love.

Rose Hand Tattoo for Men


Tribal Hand Tattoos

Tribal hand tattoos are ideal for guys as they often feature dark shadings and black ink which portray masculinity. These tattoos can help depict who you are as well as show your warrior characteristics.

Small Tribal Hand Tattoo


Tribal Hand Tattoo for Men


Cross Tattoos On Hand

If you are not afraid to state your faith, then go for hand cross tattoos. These tattoos symbolize hope and act as a reminder to always believe in a higher power. While large arm tattoos are eye-catching, a simple cross design will also be visible to all.

Cross Band Tattoo On Hand


Men’s Hand Tattoos

Want to express your personality without talking, then opt for men’s hand tattoos. People will judge you based on what they see hence ensure you choose a good looking tattoo that defines your character.

Small Hand Tattoo


Hand Knuckle Tattoo


Wolf Hand Tattoos

Wolf hand tattoos represent power, strength, and spiritual guidance. Get this tattoo to show your sharp hunting skills. Ladies can go for this design to illustrate their protective traits towards those they love.

Traditional Wolf Hand Tattoo


Heart Tattoos on Hand

Getting a heart tattoo on the hand is the best way to show your love towards your partner. Getting a heart design on the left hand will show your emotions while on the right hand you will depict your readiness to give love.

Small Heart Tattoo in Hand


Side Hand Tattoo Designs

There are many places on which you can put your hand tattoo, and the side is one of those places that is ideal for making your tattoo-less visible to others. You can even conceal your tattoo by inking it on the sides of the fingers.

Side Hand Tattoo


Feather Side Hand Tattoo


Butterfly Hand Tattoos

If you want to decorate your hands, then opt for butterfly hand tattoos. Most people go for this insect to depict beauty while others choose it because of symbolic meanings like transformation and rebirth.

Black Butterfly Tattoo on Hand


Flower Hand Tattoos

Tattoos work to grab attention, and with flowers hand tattoo you can be sure that you are expressing yourself in a beautiful way. These tattoo designs for women, will get you compliments even from people who are not fond of tattoos.

Flower Vine Hand Tattoo


Lotus Flower Hand Tattoo


3D Hand Tattoos

Show you are up to date with the latest technology by getting a 3D tattoo designs on the hands. You can pick any design with a personal meaning and then give it a three dimension effect. Your tattoo will look as if it is floating on your hands!

3D Jesus Hand Tattoo


3D Diamond Hand Tattoo


Music Hand Tattoos

Whether you sing, write lyrics, rap or play an instrument, music hand tattoos can help show your passion for music. The sight of this tattoo will remind you of your favorite song or even the role that music has played in your life.

Music Sign Tattoo on Hand


Music Notes Tattoo on Hand


Evil Hand Tattoos

If you want to depict a bad phase in your life, then opt for evil hand tattoos. People who belong to a gang can also use these tattoos to represent their lifestyle, social standing or define who you they are on the inside.

Evil Skull Hand Tattoo


Lion Hand Tattoos

Whether in a realistic or artistic style, lion hand tattoos will showcase your dominant personality and noble traits. Wear this design proudly because a lion symbolizes power and strong leadership skills.

Lion Face Hand Tattoo


Roaring Lion Tattoo on Hand


Praying Hands Tattoos

Praying hands tattoo are a symbol of devotion to a higher power. Including a rosary tattoo can showcase you are praying for clarity in your life or blessing the work of your hands. Other people get this tattoo to honor a loved one.

Cross with Praying Hands Tattoo

Hand tattoos are ideal for making a dramatic statement as they are visible for everyone to see. They often are a reminder of a crucial part of life that is why men and women opt to even get sleeve tattoos. Placing your tattoo on the hand will ensure that the meaning lasts forever.

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