There are different kinds of icons for different kinds of businesses, organizations, and industries. For the medical industry, several health icons representing different medical branches are being used today. For instance, healthcare icons are different from pharmaceutical or dental icons. A hospital may use commonly known icon or they can have their own icon created. If you are looking for medical icons to use for websites, banners, brochures and other printed materials, the following examples should be able to help you out.

Medical and Health Care Icons

medical and health care icons

One of the best ways to go when choosing medical icons is to choose a set that contains the most commonly used health care and medical icons. This set, for instance, would be a good start to design and develop websites.

Science and Medical Line Icons

science and medical line icons

Science and medicine are closely related fields. That is why, you may also want to select a set of icons that include medical and science samples. This set is ready to use for your presentation, social media page, website, illustration, infographic or applications.

Medical Service Icons

medical service icons

If you are specifically looking for icons that would represent the medical services – information, nursing, emergency room, ambulatory, maternity, pediatrics, pharmaceutical and more – then this is the set that you should consider.

Set of Medical Icons in Flat Style

set of medical icons in flat style

This set of flat medical icons is an ideal choice if you are looking for easy to edit option. The images are colorful and they represent every healthcare and medical services field – including icons for eye clinic, dental, and scientific research.

Modern Flat Medical Icons

modern flat medical icons

The sharp and clean edges of flat icons are the reasons why they are so popularly used today. For medical icons, the flat style all healthcare institutions to be able to focus on their objective to provide the public with useful information through their websites and presentations. This set of flat icons include drugs, transfusion, research, and emergency aid.

High Quality Medical Icons

high quality medical icons

This high resolution, non-layered set has 105 high quality medical icons that include images of dentist, doctor, bottle, parts of the body (bone, teeth, mouth, foot, heads, intestines, brains, liver and heart), medical equipment, nurse, xray, sperm, telephone, medical staff IDs, laboratory tools, hospital, stretcher, hospital bed, wheelchair, ambulance, pharmaceutics, and emergency aid.

Medical Vector Icon Pack

medical vector icons pack

It is always better to keep things simple. So, if you are looking for non-flashy medical icons, this is the set for you. There are over a hundred vector icons included on this set and they cover a wide area of health and medical fields including emergency aid, nursing, laboratory, first aid, ambulatory and oncology.

Flat Medical icons

flat medical icons

This set of flat medical icons is included with images in simple outline style. The good thing about this kind of style is that you can edit the thickness of the lines depending on your needs. This set includes commonly used images like nurse, ambulance, syringe, heart rate and more.

Realistic Medical Icon Set

realistic medical icons set

This set of realistic flat medical icons is colorful and the images would look great on websites, presentations, information graphics, medical brochures and other healthcare applications.

Colorful Round Medical Icons

colorful round medical icons

This is another set of colorful medical icons in round settings on white background. This set is editable and would be great for any kind of medical or healthcare presentations.

Thin Outline Medical Icons

thin outline medical icons

Free Medical Vector Icons

free medical vector icons

Medical Emergency Icons

medical emergency icons

Medical Long Shadow Flat Icons

medical long shadow flat icons

Simple Round Medical Icons

simple round medical icons

High Resolution Medical icons

high resolution medical icons

Medical and Emergency Icons

medical and emergency icons

Medical Staff Icons

medical staff icons

Blue Medical Icon set

blue medical icon set

Simple Medical Icon Set

simple medical icon set

Black Medical icons

black medical icons

There are several options if you are looking for medical or healthcare icons to use for your website, social media page, graphic presentations or medical brochures. The important thing to consider when choosing your set is the style of the icons and the editing options. The most commonly used these days is the flat and colorful style icons.

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