When it comes for business and commercial use, icons are some of the most commonly used elements. These are variously shaped and designed so that they excel in the visual compatibility. There are various shapes of icons available in the market that you can use and rounded icons in one of the prominent ones. The Internal link anchor text in the icon is the key functional element. Here, we will discuss ten rounded and square icon collection you can opt for.

Farming Rounded Icons Set

farming rounded icons set

The variety and versatility of color combinations and background colors are important for your business. Here, you will find red, bluish-grey and cream colored backgrounds. There are all sorts of signs related to farming, ranging from clouds and rain to tools and farming vehicles. The circular icons provide  great visual pleasure.

Flat Rounded Social Media Icons

flat rounded social media icons

The number of social media sites has increased rapidly, and when you want all these icons in a single place, you can avail this particular sheet. There are various backgrounds available along with white font. The signs and symbols, along with alphabets are easily decipherable here.

Flat Round Icon Set

flat round icon set

You may have a preference for flat and round icons, and in this case, this is the ultimate collection for you. This is a mixed pack where you will get a wide range of icons here. The background colors are pink, orange and blue and the white anchor text looks contrasting in color.

High Quality Round Icons

high quality round icons

If you are looking for high-quality icons, this is the perfect set for you. The main feature of these icons is that they are innovatively divided by curved lines. There are different types of curves and the color combination has black as the common color. Other colors like green, orange and blue are used in different proportions.

Thin Rounded Icons

thin rounded icons

When you want icons with a sleek and smart appearance, only the outline and internal symbol do the job. So, you can opt for thin-bordered icons for that purpose. It has a deep pink background color, and rest of the elements are lined with a thin strip of white.

Networking Flat Round Icons

networking flat round icons

There are different symbols related to networking. The varieties and categories of signs vary from networking tools to people and connectivity issues to network availability. When you buy this pack, you will get all the symbols of the related category in a single place.

Rounded Social Icons

rounded social icons

These social icons deal with a variety of fields of daily use. The main feature that makes this set elegant in look is the perfect color contrast. The gray background is perfectly incorporated with black symbols, and the lines are faded so that it gives the black interior a blurred look.

Multimedia Rounded Icons

multimedia rounded icons

When you opt for multimedia icons, you may go for the bright color contrast of orange and its related color variations. The symbols are of various categories. You will get a vast collection of icons in this set and it will cater to your business needs.

Social Media Free PSD Rounded Icons

social media free psd rounded icons

Rounded Circle Icon Set

rounded circle icon set

Round Black Social Network Icons

round black social network icons

Free Large Round Icons

free large round icons

iphone Round Icon Set

iphone round icon set

Universal Round Icon Set

universal round icon set

Arrow Rounded Icons

arrow rounded icons

Rounded Line Icons

rounded line icons

Colorful Round Icons

colorful round icons

Clean Rounded PSD Icons

clean rounded psd icons

Rounded Icon Set

rounded icon set

When you choose the Rounded Icons, you need to make sure that the color contrast is perfect between the background and Internal linked anchor text. When you strike the right color contrast, you will achieve the desired compatibility in the icons. There are various categories of icons and you need to choose them according to your needs.

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