Icons depict the kind of service or product that is used in presentations. These icons are also symbols that denote the activity, service, or tool of the content that is being displayed. There are standard icons for different field and the same goes for marketing icons as well. They come with the standard motifs with variations in colors and texture. They can be used in infographics, advertising and promotional material, websites, sales pages, and many other forms of digital and print material. You may also see Business Icons

Email Marketing Icon Set

email marketing icon set

The design of a closed envelope is used as an icon of email. You have different variations of this icon that can be used for email marketing and to showcase any content or marketing materials related to emails.

SEO and Internet Service Marketing Icons

seo and internet service marketing icons

There are different elements and tools of SEO services. The icons related to these services help identify the service. A lot of content need not be posted once the icon is displayed as it speaks for the service available. CMS, social media, documents, and many other icon sets are available for use. You may also see SEO and Internet Marketing Icons

Inbound Marketing Icons

inbound marketing icons

The icons related to inbound marketing are customer care, monitoring, blogging, reporting, optimization, and many more services. All of these services can be depicted in the form of icons with specialty service description displayed below them.

Vector Flat Design Style Marketing Icons

vector flat design style marketing icons

Icons for website-related items are available in vector graphics as well. These sets can be downloaded, redesigned and used as per the license available with the icon set.

Clean and Modern Marketing Icons

clean and modern marketing icons

This is a set of 80 unique icons that can be downloaded and edited in most of the Adobe suite software. There are four versions available with these sets. You can download and edit them in AI or PSD format.

Linear Marketing Icons

linear marketing icons

Visual content is more readable than the text per se. These set of linear marketing are good to describe any of the marketing services available with a company. This is a collection of 30 signs and symbols related to digital marketing, web development, and business strategy.

Seamless Pattern with Marketing Icons

seamless pattern with marketing icons

These are the marketing icons that are available in the form of patterns. If you are creating an infographic, you can use these patterns that come in AI, PSD, and Jpeg format.

Social Media Marketing Squared Icons

social media marketing squared icons

These are 90 ready to use Social Media Icons that denote different social media platforms. You don’t have to download the icons from the respective social media platforms anymore. These are the icons that can be used for websites and other digital advertising purposes.

Flat Marketing Icons

flat marketing icons

These icons are colored in orange and can be downloaded and edited before use. They depict different marketing goals and services that can be used in digital content related to marketing as well as print.

Black and White Marketing Icons

black and white marketing icons

There are 212 black and white color social media icons that are available for premium downloads. When you add icons to the digital content or any business presentation, it creates a professional look. Gaming websites, applications, or any project that uses social media can use these icons from the list. They are platform independent and can also be displayed in mobiles that have the Android or the iOS operating system.

Flat Marketing Squared Icons

flat marketing squared icons

Free Colored Digital Marketing Icons

free colored digital marketing icons

Free Business Marketing Icons

free business marketing icons

SEO Marketing Flat Color Icon Set

seo marketing flat color icon set

Business Marketing Media Icons

business marketing media icons

Content Marketing Icons

content marketing icons

SEO and Online Marketing Icons

seo and online marketing icons

Thin line Marketing Icons

thin line marketing icons

Flat Internet Marketing Icons

flat internet marketing icons

Icons are difficult to create. A graphic artist creates a vector as well as the mock up of icon sets. They take hours of work to create these icons sets. They are made in a standard format and can be easily applied to any project. These ready to use icon sets makes any content look professional and well made.

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