In the United States, they celebrate Chocolate Day every 13th of the month of September. This is because it is also the date of birth of Milton S. Hershey, the founder of The Hershey Chocolate Company.

But for the rest of the world, Chocolate Day is celebrated on the 7th of July. Some countries may even specific dates for particular kinds or forms of chocolates, such as Milk Chocolate Day on July 28th, and Chocolate Ice Cream Day on July 7th. It has been rumored that the celebration this year marks the 467th year when chocolate was first introduced in Europe.

On this page, we have various vector icons that have chocolates in the design. Whether it is in the form of chocolate bars, chocolate ice cream, donuts, cake, or even beverages, as long as it is something that contains chocolate in the ingredient, it is included on this gallery of icons.

Most of these icons are in color, but some of it are in black and white for those who prefer to use a much simpler icon design. If these are what you need for your projects or just your personal use, then scroll down to see the different designs.


Flat Isolated Chocolate Vector Icons

For flat chocolate icons to keep your desktop or website simple, download this set of flat icon designs. Flat icons lean more toward minimalism, yet still retains its creative features to make it look appealing to the audience’s eyes.


Colored Background Chocolate Vector Icons

Vector Illustration Chocolate Icon Designs

Benefits from Eating Chocolates

  • Chocolates help make the heart healthier. Studies have determined that eating chocolates aids in decreasing blood pressure, which in turn, can lower the risk of heart problems and help make it healthier. This is possible because of flavonoids, antioxidants present in chocolate that promote in increasing the flexibility of blood vessels.
  • Happy hormones. It has long been claimed that eating chocolate stimulates the release of happy hormones because chocolates contain phenylethylamine, a chemical that can make us feel euphoric or positive. It was also said that chocolates helps relieve stress.
  • Chocolates lower bad cholesterol. Research studies have been conducted to find out the connection between chocolates and cholesterol. According to the results, sterol and cocoa flavonoids were able to bring down low-density lipoprotein levels in the blood.
  • Natural sunblock. Chocolates contain high levels of flavonols, which contribute in providing protection to the skin from sun damage. But even with this, it is still advised to still apply some sunblock when exposing yourself to under the heat of the sun.

Delicious Isolated Chocolate Vector Design

Round Flat Chocolate Icon Designs

You may want to add a simple backdrop to each of your icons, so why not use this set of food icon designs? Each icon is displayed over a solid colored background, and to add to its effect, a shadow is applied on the background to provide depth to the image.


Chocolate Drops Icon Designs

Photorealistic Chocolate Icon Designs

You may prefer a much more realistic-looking set of icons for your projects. If you think drawn pictures of chocolate aren’t enough to make audiences crave for them, then you should download this photorealistic chocolate-themed icon set for a more mouthwatering experience. All you will need now are coffee icons to supplement our chocolates.


Flat Single-colored Chocolate Vector Icons

Chocolate Desserts Set Icon Design

Minimalist Black Chocolate Icon Designs

Check out this set of computer icons. They are all associated with chocolate, but unlike the previous ones, these are all in black in white color over a gray background with a rounded border. Even without color, you can still easily understand what these icons are all about, and it can still effectively make us drool over it since they still look very appealing to the eyes.


Chocolate Bars Ice Cream Cacao Icon Designs


Simple Professional Chocolate Icon Designs


Keep your icon design simple by downloading this set of icons which use only the colors brown and white for each of them. These are the ideal chocolate icon designs for those who are planning to run a business in selling chocolates and other chocolate-based products.


How to Change Desktop Icons (For Windows Users)

You can use these as icons for your desktop, or computer programmers can these as icons for software, apps, or websites that they are developing. But for average users, they can simply use these as desktop icon designs for their personal computers.

If you’re running on Windows, below are the steps on how you can change your computer’s desktop icons:

  • On the bottom left edge of the page, click the Windows Start Menu icon (or you can simply press the Windows key on you keyboard) to bring up the Start Menu.
  • Once the Start Menu is brought up, click the Settings tab which is the one with the gear icon to open the Settings menu.
  • On the Settings menu, find the monitor-shaped icon and click on it to open the Personalization window, and on the left side of the window, click on the Themes tab.
  • While on the Themes page, click on the Desktop Icon Settings link to open the window where you can change your icons.
  • When the window is open, click on the icon that you want to change to highlight it, then click on the Change Icon button.
  • Find your downloaded icon from your computer’s directory and double click on it.
  • Click OK to finalize the changing of the desktop icon.

Have you seen the icon design that you need? We’re sure you have. All these icons were designed by very skillful and creative graphic artists from all over the world, and we made sure to pick out the best ones that we can find to provide our clients with the best quality and most mouthwatering chocolate icons that they deserve. These icon designs can be used by graphic designers, web developers, or any person with basic knowledge on how to handle computers.

All you have to do is select the icons you want and need, download it to your computer (some icons are free, others can be yours for a very small fee), and use them as you wish! You are only limited by your creativity, and of course, your desire for chocolate. So what are you waiting for? Download now!

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