Why go to the darkest and untrustworthy spaces of the internet just to download your latest, retro or all time favourite songs, when you can do it for free without diving in piracy. Whether it is online or offline, today there are a number of streaming services that offer us a wide range of playlists to suit all our moods and genres of the music. With various streaming apps cropping up every 3 to 6 months, we have today compiled a list of top 10 Android apps that have managed to stand out consistently.

1. Deezer


In the market for quite some time now, Deezer is a solid music streaming app. The free version of the app allows you to use Deezer’s FLOW feature to listen to new artists and mixes based on your personal taste. You can create the preferred choice of the playlist and the premium version even allows you to listen to a higher quality audio, offline music, and Android Auto support.

2. iHeart Radio

iheart radio

iHeart Radio is one of the most popular free music apps and this radio app allows you to listen to various radio stations depending on the individual taste. The app also comes with seasonal radio stations and other things like podcasts, talk radio, and comedy shows.

3. Soundcloud


Widely known to all, Soundcloud is one of the best-known mp3 downloading apps for Android. The app does not just offer you the facility to listen to songs but also go through the extensive list of audio books and podcasts. You can listen and upload music on the app and share it with others.

4. Google Play Music

google play music

Another very good option for downloading mp3’s, the Google Play music app has certainly become the best mp3 down loaders for Android. With the amazing subscription offers, it is close enough to downloading music for free.

5. Wynk Music

wynk music

The app offers a range of 1.8 million songs. You can search the type of music depending on the artists, genres, etc. The app allows you to stream the music online as well as download it.

6. Spotify


The mobile application boasts the same functionality as a desktop counterpart, allowing you to stream single tracks or entire albums. You can also create custom playlists and download the track for offline listening.

7. Pandora


The Pandora app uses advanced algorithms on a specific track or artist to deliver songs that are just catered to you. The interface is nice and it is has managed to stay mainstream despite the fluctuating user base.

9. YouTube Music

youtube music

The YouTube Music app is aimed at the music video lover, but if you have a premium Red account you can just listen to the audio even if the display is off.

10. TuneIn Radio

tunein radio

Better known for its talk radio, podcast, and comedy radio offerings, the app offers plenty of ways to enjoy free music. With over 100,000 stations, the app also includes AM and FM radio stations that can be streamed over data. The premium version also offers audio books, live sports broadcasting, and more.

Download the best without risk and enjoy music day in and day out.

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