You already know about the best android games for 2016 but for iOS users this information holds no worth at all. So today we are going to be listing 10 most popular iPhone games for the year 2016. Apple’s annual list of top games is out and before you think that, like android, Pokémon GO is going to rule the iOS too we would like like to tell you that it is not part of the list. However, it has been mentioned as the Breakout Hit of 2016. Surprised? Well, there is a lot that lies ahead, check it out!

1. FIFA Mobile

fifa mobile app

FIFA has been a popular video game and the mobile version of it is no different. Thought it could not make it to the Google’s top list but iPhone users don’t seem to get enough of it. No wonder the game has been completely redesigned for a better mobile interface and built exclusively for mobile with a download size of 100MB.

2. Klocki

klocki app

If you like puzzles, minimalist design and have an iPhone it would be strange if you have not heard of this game. The game is simple yet engaging where you are required to connect different lines together. If you like the churning of the minds, you will definitely get hooked!

3. Plants vs Zombies Heroes

plants vs zombies heroes app

After plants vs zombies, there is no way the next installment would be anything less than an epic. You build your team, embark on journeys, meet new characters and make new foes and friends. It is one of the best iPhone games for this year and is free to download.

4. Reigns

reigns app

This is a paid game but worth the expenditure. As the name indicates, the game is about reigns and kingdoms. It is a mind game where you are required to make decisions frequently and those decisions have an impact on your kingdom. You cannot afford to take risk as your reign might have to face the consequences.

5. Riptide GP: Renegade

riptide gp renegade app

Have you heard about hydro jet racing? You need to download this game for that. This is a racing game where riders perform massive stunts over waterfalls and the cops follow them throw the public waterways. The concept is amazing shouldn’t be unheard of.

6. Rodeo Stampede – Sky Zoo Safari

rodeo stampede sky zoo safari app

Christmas is around and this is a good time to download this game, if you have not already. Ride through exotic animals stampeding and when that gets over, the Zoo begins. The most obstacles you avoid the more you score.

7. Steppy Pants

steppy pants app

Whether you want to play it for few minutes or go for a complete marathon, this game is perfect for all kind of moods.

8. The Trail

the trail

Another adventure game for iOS users. The Trail is the latest presentation from Peter Molyneux, who is an iconic designer and creator of the God Game genre. Peter Molyneux’s previous games include Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper, Fable, Populous, and Godus.

9. Twofold inc.

twofold inc

Stunning puzzles and mesmerizing mechanics is what the description says on the app store. We tried the game and we couldn’t help but agree. The endless challenges and minimalistic design is surely going to keep you hooked.

10. Clash Royale

clash royale1

This game has managed to have its cake from Google as well as Apple. All the Clash of Clan lovers, the creators have another game that have your favorite Royal characters from the Clash of Clans.

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