Marble, if incorporated tastefully, can bring a lot of elegance to any space. It is commonly used in sculpting and construction but today there are many innovative ways to use marble as an everyday object. These marble objects can bring organization and beauty to your home and office. It certainly isn’t a low-cost or budget material but once you go through our list, you would definitely like to consider the idea. You may also see Interior Design Trends 2017

1. Minimalistic White Marble Vase

minimalistic white marble vase

Someone who prefers subtlety and minimalism cannot ignore the beautiful white marble vase. Along with elegance and style, these vases are sure add a lot of fun to your home and even office. So add on some vibrancy to your interiors with a white marble vase.

2. Marble Case for iPhone and Macbook

marble case for iphone and macbook

Since our laptops and mobile phones have become such an integral parts of our lives, it is not a bad idea to cover them in style. These marble cases are durable and provide a lasting protection to your gadgets. With these cases you can bring a uniqueness and your own statement to your phones and laptops.

3. Marble Organizers

marble organizers

These tiny marble accessories can be used as paperweight, pen/pencil holders, bookend on a shelf ect. You can also gift it to your loved ones on any special occasion. These handcrafted marbles are extremely versatile in terms of utility. Along with organization, they also bring a lot of charm.

4. Marble Game Set

marble game set

Who doesn’t like a tic-tac-toe? And when it comes in a marble set, it also becomes an item of display. These game sets are beautifully carved and when not in use they can still act as an elegant showpiece for your room.

5. Marble Wine Cooler

marble wine cooler

This marble wine cooler can instantly escalate your luxury quotient in any get together. The properties of marble naturally helps in keeping the wine cool also making your dining table look a lot more presentable and sophisticated.

6. Marble Handle Cheese Knife

marble handle cheese knife

Here is another graceful choice for your special dinners and gatherings. These cheese knives have beautiful marble handles, giving them a contemporary and unique look. The set comes with 3 different knives for different types of cheese.

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