We primarily use cases on our iPhone to protect it from any accident or damage but at the same we don’t want to use just any phone case for that purpose. We want to make sure our phone looks good even when it is armoured. No wonder we have so many option out there when it comes to phone cases. Talking about iPhones particularly, there are many stylish phone cases that are fun and some of the can have utility value too, other than protection.

1. Speck Candyshell Inked

speck candyshell inked

If you love floral print, here is an iPhone case that has a rendition of your favourite pattern. The high-resolution graphics have been perfectly sealed in an iPhone case. It is available in multiple patterns.

2. Belkin LEGO Builder

belkin lego builder

For everyone who is still a LEGO nerd from inside. And when we say nerd we do not mean awkward and boring because the phone case clearly says otherwise and make LEGO look awesome. Belkin and the LEGO came up together and collaborated to create this iPhone case.

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