The PC is clogged with a number of games, some fetching a great response for being extraordinary in terms of animation, game challenges and being packed with action. These games instil a kind of adventure among the players and also teaches them to strategize and act in some intelligence testing games.

A mix of 10 brilliant old and new games given below definitely needs to be on the top of your lists of games to be installed and played for maximum amount of time.

Call of Duty- Advanced Warfare

call of duty advanced warfare

This movie game is delightful with enchanting graphics, game play with advanced warfare experience. The storyline of the game itself is enthralling with the main characters dramatising the whole affair. The fighting genre offers a multiplayer mode too.

Cities: skyline


Mapping and building cities in a planned manner is the bottom-line of this game. The game has a number of versions and every time the game developers introduce some new features which make the city even more sophisticated like the skyscrapers, hotels, bars, tourists locations.

Fifa 14


One of the best PC Games which keeps the football enthusiasts glued to the PC. It is purely refreshing and can be played online as well as offline.  The rocking soundtrack in the background, the hypnotic finesse in displaying the players physique and real no nonsense game play definitely makes it worth the play.

sebastien loeb rally evo

Racing cars on the most exciting world roads is something which makes this online site game a mesmerizing one for the people who love speed. Beating the online rivals offers a competitive take.

Witcher 3


One cannot miss installing this elite game on the PC to experience a nice time exploring in the wild and fighting in the dense and great landscapes filled in the games. The characters and the punch of the game, the storyline is extraordinary and memorable.

Gone Home


Gone Home is the ultimate visually appealing game with lots of detailing. With a mysterious element to be explored and hunted in a house amidst a love story, the interactive game gives a unique spooky environment from the other action packed games.

Batman- Akhram origins


The superheroes games like Batman always have the power to immerse the players into the games with their well written stories. The young, inexperienced hero’s acts as a crime fighter. The best in class combat with the Assassins is a welcome shift from other monotonous games.

Grand Theft Auto V

gta 5 download

The adventures of stealing and other missions like jumping from plane fantasises many players especially when the plot of the game is very modern. The game includes a series of different activities apart from stealing with the help of submarines. The game sets are inspired from the American Los Angeles city.


elite 4 starmap

One can enjoy in the imaginary space and Galaxy which keeps the players spellbound. While going on an expedition of shooting planets or exploring the innumerable planets that come along the journey in the galaxy, this huge game detailing will keep you transfixed all the time.

Assassin Creed IV: Black Flag

assassins creed iv black flag high resolution wallpaper download assassins creed iv black flag images free

The games having sailing ships and all the associated adventures like Assasin Creed truly are intriguing the audience. The wild fun is filled in meeting the game challenges as the players role playing the assasin pirate Edward Kenway need to strategize the naval combat, kill the captain, rob the shops, and also swing on decks on broken ships.

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