We all are familiar with the standard supplies that are essential for office and school. Apart from the very apparent and plain styles, there are some remarkably smart and fashionable supplies available. These pieces will not just transcend a stationery hoarder into an elevated state but will also help you give a trendy makeover to the boring staples that you will be carrying every day.

1. Backpack : $59


To start with the most essential, that will carry all the other miscellaneous stuff, we ought to have a trendy and stylish backpack that has ample amount of space for the belongings and simultaneously also look chic and trendy.

2. Copper Pencil Pouch : $12


Glamorise your standard pen pencil pouch with the copper-styled storage pocket. The colour and glaze of copper finish brings an instant attractive look to something so plain on your desk.

3. Brass Ruler : $10.80

brass ruler

The brass ruler is a great stylish substitute to the regular stainless steel ruler. The ruler holds all the standard qualities of the material, that is durability, weight added with an additional quality of good looks.  

4. Recycled Leather Notebook : $26.00


The notebook is an essential piece to have in your backpack, therefore, there is no harm in giving your writing a beautiful outer layer with this recycled leather notebook. Available in a couple of colours, choose the one that best suits your preference.

5. Coloured Pencil Set : $78.00

coloured pencil set

If you love to draw, sketch, doodle or paint, this coloured pencil set includes a set of 25 pencils encased in a polished brass pencil holder. Little pricey in comparison to other pencils available in the market, this brass pencil set is definitely a good piece to invest in if you are particular about your craft and the tools used to make it.

6. Signature Binders : $14.00


Binders make it easy for you to slip in and remove pages. Easing your way into the need to organise things, this metal looped binders are available in trendy and colourful options

8. Copper Plated Pen : $60.00


Tom Dixon cube pen is a classic rollerball pen that is copper plated and carries a lacquered finish. The hollow depression on the side allows for a solid grip. If you have a writer friend, we assure you this copper plated pen would by far be the best gift for him or her.

9. Acrylic Stapler : $18.00

acrylic stapler

Acrylic combined with golden hued hardware will definitely provide a contemporary look to your desk in school or work. Elegant and durable, the stapler is surely a must buy stationery purchase.

10. Lunch Bag : $ 24.00

lunch bag

These reusable canvas made lunch bags can definitely be a fashionable lunch tote that you can carry every day to school or office.

Invest in a not so standard school supplies and make your school year as memorable as fashionable.

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