Every designer and a creative professional must have gone through a ‘Hulk phase’ (we had to find a strong correlation to the word tough, and we know you would agree too) of being stuck with an idea and not being able to progress and shape it further. And if you are like us and have these situations occur quite frequently, we sympathise (truly). As every designer’s mental capacity and flexibility to churn ideas, differs significantly, we have put together 10 ways you can consistently push yourself and ensure that  your design is on the right track.

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We are sure these effective ways will help you sustain a positive mindset and have the creative imagination take control of your work resulting in an optimistic output.

Don’t Preset Expectations


Before you start working on the project, make sure to not burden yourself with expectations. Let the work take shape at its own pace. You might just be surprised by the unexpected creative result. Trust us, the feeling is always great.

Consistent Practice and Effort


This is one mantra we would suggest you to follow in every walk of life personal or professional. Make sure to put an effort to do the things regularly. Remember Rome was not built in a day. You have to put in relentless and consistent effort to achieve the level of satisfaction that you have always desired in life.

Make Reading a Regular Habit


It might sound too parental and professory but it is true, reading opens your mind to new ideas and perspectives. It is the sole weapon towards unblocking the mind, sorry violence would not cut it this time.

Take a Note of Ideas

note paper

Whenever you come across a new idea make it a habit to note it down. Don’t underestimate the power of an idea thought during shower. And it is a fact that written information is always a step ahead to gain a formative structure.

Eat Healthy and Exercise

eat healthy and exercise

Make sure to get some antioxidants and a regular exercise to feel open, free and upbeat about your work. The open mind perceives things better and helps to execute solid and creative ideas.

Extend Horizons

expand horizons

Extend your horizons by participating in something new every once in awhile, it will help to enhance creativity and bring forth new ideas.

Take Time to Relax

take time to relax

It is important for the brain to relax after a hard day at work. Don’t overwork yourself, it has never done good to anyone. Take a nap or go for a casual walk, or we would suggest petting a dog, you might never know, peace, quiet and some licking love might be the thing your brain has been asking for long.

Interact More

interact more

Communicate and exchange ideas. This will help to boost your creativity and get some extra pointers for better results. Friends or strangers, everyone has something to share and contribute and might be their contribution stimulates your imagination.

Break the Rules & Challenge Yourself

challenge yourself

First, learn the rules and then hold the courage to break them for the sake of pushing the creative boundaries. Challenge yourself in areas of your strength and your weakness. The process of solving the problems will make room for creativity.

Be Flexible and Avoid Repetition

be flexible and avoid repetition

Be flexible towards your idea, try and include practical and better suggestions. Listen to the feedback and take the criticism sportingly and make sure to not repeat the same ideas. What is the point of eating the same dish over and over again? Even chefs make improvisations on signature dishes.

We know these rules might be easy to practice in theory and hard to apply in real life, but make sure to acknowledge the things you already know and work with them sincerely without fail. Every design and final product we see in market holds a back story of several drafts that got rejected in the first place.

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