Product Design is a very broad term and a very broad area that includes arts, aesthetics, and marketing. It is about designing a product in a way that makes it beautiful and saleable. With much evolution and growing competition in the fields, brands are pushing their boundaries of creativity and coming up with interesting concepts of product design. The result is fun and fascinating. Surfing the web, we decided to list 10 everyday products with unique product design that will simply enchant you.

1. Royaltea Tea : $19.99

Your political debates would surely take an interesting turn with these tea bags. Ditch the usual tea bags and amuse your friends with these creative and funny tea dips. The product has been designed by German design brand Donkey Products. Each pack come with 5 tea sachets and every sachet has a political or royal figure caricatured and cut-out.

royaltea tea

2. Pasta Measure Tool : $9.95

Do you think you can eat Pasta like a horse? Now you can measure a horse size spaghetti quantity for yourself. This pasta measuring tool adds fun to the whole process of making pasta. It provides you different measuring scales ranging from 65 grams (for kids) to 400 grams (for 4 people).

pasta measurer tool

3. Mark Eat Basting Brush : $13.90

Here is a simple example of how one can turn simple objects into the most interesting things. We all use a basting brush while cooking but now you can leave a solid mark with this Mark Eat Basting Brush. We think this product is absolutely charming and every kitchen deserves its charm.


4. Miss Meter Measuring Tape : $13.90

This idea is downright clever and humorous. This is the power of a creative product design, it can make people notice even a simple object like a measuring tape. Clearly an out of the box thinking!


5. Kudamemo Fruit-shaped Notepads : $4.59

Ever since we lay hands on mobile phones and electronic notepads, we have forgotten how to jot down notes manually. But these notepads here will compel you to pick up that pen and scribble on these irresistible notepads. These awesome sticky notes have been created by Japanese design studio D-bros. Now we know why we sense kawaii from these.

kudamemo fruit shaped notepads

6. Rainmaker Plant Watering Can : $7.95

We are glad that there are some noble souls who also think about plants. Though plants hardly care about the design aspect, we’re sure no human being would be able to resist watering their plant with this can. This cute cloud-shape can be attached to soft drink bottles which are easily available everywhere and found in almost all households.

rainmaker plant watering can

7. Traffic Cone Salt and Pepper Shaker : $13.49

How to add fun to your dining table? the answer is here! Use these traffic cone shaped salt and pepper shaker and spice up your meals. This is a very interesting and different take on the usual salt and pepper shakers. The rest of them are designed by keeping elegance in mind, these were designed with the idea of fun.

traffic cone salt and pepper shaker

8. Astro Fruit and Vegetable Keeper : $15.10

Those remaining halves of your vegetables now have a companion, a very cute companion indeed. These fruit and vegetable keeper by Astro are designed with a sci-fi touch. You will definitely have a smile on your face every time you open your fridge and see your vegetale lying in them.


9. Pallet Coaster

These coasters come in a set of 4 and each of them is unique if you look closely. They are beautiful miniature version of wooden pallets and are homemade from reclaim wood. We liked this concept and we think it will be hard for anyone to ignore these rustic and captivating coasters.

pallet coaster

10. Morris Memo Desktop Pad Note Holder : $12.75

Here is a note holder that holds your blank notes and also displays your important notes and memos. Like rest of the product listed here, this note holder design looks anything but ordinary. Available in different colors these note holders would definitely bring a better arrangement to your study table.

morris memo desktop pad note holder

Imagination can surely do wonders to anything. The concept of out-of-the-box product designing is surely going to take over in the coming years and we hope the boundaries of creativity keep getting pushed. These product designs are sheer genius and leave us in awe everytime we come across them.

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