Smileys have become a popular way of exchanging emotions and going forward through a conversation. For people using a smartphone, a life without smileys could be quite dull. The small yellow buttons convey happiness, anger, love, sad, grief, excitement, star struck, blessed and a lot more! As a result, these smileys have come to become an integral aspect of designing too. For every graphic designer, a stack of smiley brushes could be a highly useful repository. Here’s a collection of such unique smiley brushes that any designer would love.

Cute Smiley Sun Brushes

cute smiley sun brushes

The sun can make a perfect design element to put in smileys. Whether you are trying to design a “god day” banner or a morning sun hidden by clouds, this would be a collection of brush that would help you put emotions into art better.

Cute Smiley Doodles Brush set

cute smiley doodles brush set

Here’s a collection of some really awesome abstract fun bushes. Available in a variety of colors, these brushes create shapes that represent the lazy sketches one would make when feeling creative. The emojis includes love, happiness, cute faces, butterflies and much more.

Smiling Brushes

smiling brushes

This is an incredible way of creating smileys in your graphics. Available as Photoshop brushes, the texture is like water drops and the applications can be quite creative. It would be true to put in here that this brush set is unique.

Funny Smile Photoshop Brushes

funny smile photoshop brushes

Looking for cartoon smiles in Photoshop brushes? Well, you have answered adequately with this set. The best thing is that this brush set is available as a free download!

Smile Text Photoshop Brush set

smile text photoshop brush set

This brush set reads out the commonly used emotions in an incredible font. The texts included in this set include “FAB”, “NO”, OH SHIT!”, “GOOD VIVES”, “OHH LA LA” and much more! Give creative genius to your graphics using this particular collection.

Hand Drawn Smilies Brush Set

hand drawn smilies brush set

In this case, the smiley brushes represent the way one would abruptly draw smileys with a pencil/pen. Abstract but unique, these smileys meet special needs but could be a handy tool at your end.

Smile Face Brushes

smile face brushes

Another cartoonist representation of smileys, you have a lot of commonly used symbols as brushes. If you are designing a comic book themed art, this brush set can come in real handy. The set, in fact, includes 8 different smileys for your convenience.

Smiley Faces Photoshop Brushes

smile brushes line

These smileys are really different than the ones we are acquainted with. Offering more than a smile, these faces are representative of unique characters. Available in a sketch themed artwork, there is a range of emotions that are depicted by the set.

Smile Brushes Set

smile brushes set

A really colorful collection of smile brushes; this would be a real asset for any graphic designer. The faces are not just circles but 3D like emotions achieved through a variety of shapes. In total, there are twenty-two different brushes you would get with this collection and surprise your client.

Smiley Photoshop Brushes Pack

smiley photoshop brushes pack

Among the most extensive collection of smiley brushes, the artwork comes in geometric shapes. These are really high-quality brushes that can be completely customized according to your requirements. The depictions achieved are close to abstract sketches that are really unique to the job.

Square Smiley Brushes

squared smiley brushes

Smile Brush Set

smile brush set

Cartoon Smile Brushes

cartoon smile brushes

Smiley Photoshop Brushes

smiley photoshop brushes

Cute Smileys Brush Set

cute smileys brush set

Smiley Fruits Brush Set

smiley fruits brush set

We hope you loved the collection of smiley brushes here. We designers are always looking for fresh ways to represent the same emotions. From skull brushes to border brushes, these smileys can suit a range of applications, depending upon your requirement and creativity. We would also love to see what you do with them!

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