Although, we now cannot think of a life without technology and gadgets, but there was a time when the invention of a simple home microwave stunned the world. Right from Apple 1 computer to AI-powered robots you can actually play with, we have today compiled a list of 13 iconic tech gadgets that will not just jostle your memory but will also give you a map of how far we have come today.

1. 1966- Panasonic Home Microwave Oven



The oven might look too big to fit as per the current technology standards, but it was compact and revolutionary back in 1966. Before its arrival, microwaves were just used in large restaurants and hotels because of its weight price, which was around $5000.

2. 1970- Koss Pro4AA Headphones


With excellent sound quality and comfort, the Koss Pro4AA headphones gained instant popularity among studio professionals. The quality and popularity of the headphone can be rightly judged by the fact that the company still manufactures this headphone. It had previously stopped in the 80s, but because of high popularity the company revised its decision.

3. 1973- Motorola Mobile Phone


The first call ever made by a mobile phone happened four decades ago, thanks to Motorola. The headset at that time weighed 2.2 pounds, which is almost truck heavy as per today’s standards. It was because of high costs that cell phones didn’t begin to gain popularity until the 1980s.

4. 1976- Apple 1 Computer

apple compute

Much like the name suggests, Apple 1 is the first product by the tech giant we know today. No less than a collectable, Apple 1 is much more today than its original price back in ‘76. Today, a working piece in good condition can set you back a six-digit price.

5. 1981-Sony Mavica Digital Camera

sony cam

The Sony Mavica from the early 80s is the ancestor of our current digital cameras. Equipped with CCD sensor and a resolution of 570 by 490 pixels, the camera required a TV to view the photographs. The video floppy of the camera could store 50 photos.

6. 1984- Sony Discman D-50

sony dvd

Just two years after the launch of world’s first CD player, Sony came up with a portable version with the Discman D-50. Delivering high sound quality with the portable feature, the D-50 singlehandedly popularised the CD as a music storage format.

7. 1987- Nokia Mobira Cityman 900


One of the very reasonably priced mobile phones, Nokia Mobira Cityman 900 weighed less than 2 pounds with battery on. Following the release of the phone, the Finnish company established itself as the leader in the mobile phone market. The company ruled for a complete two decades till the launch of Apple iPhone in 2007.

8. 1990-Nintendo SNES


The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) was considered a top class gaming console that offered iconic games to its players. The catalogue included well-known titles such as Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, and Street Fighter II, among others.

9. 1995- Microsoft Windows 95

windows 1995


Gaining popularity right after its debut, Microsoft Windows 95 had an easy interface, which was very sleek for that time. The two staple features which are a part of Windows till date include a start button and the taskbar. Time for a fun fact, the OS’s promo video featured Rachel and Chandler (Jennifer Anniston and Matthew Perry) from the popular sitcom FRIENDS.

10. 2000- Canon EOS D30


Before the release of this camera, Canon teamed up with Kodak to release digital cameras in the market. The EF lens used in the camera is adopted by its successors till date.

11. 2005- Sony PSP


This portable gaming console by Sony offered excellent design and graphic. The PSP was the first solid competitor to Nintendo DS, and it received several improvements during its time in the business. PSP’s successor, PSP vita is still sold in the market.

12. 2010- Apple iPad

apple ipad

Much like the iPhone, Apple transformed mobile computing with the iPad in 2010. The Apple’s smart tablet offers access to the App store and comes in three varied display sizes.

13. 2015- Amazon Echo


This sleek wireless speaker offers multipurpose use, right from ordering pizza, paper towels to calling Uber to controlling the connected appliances, the smart device knows and does it all.

Hope this walk down the technology lane refreshed your memory about the tremendous growth and development in technology and the innovation that took place every decade.

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