Running a restaurant can be tough. However, when you have the right logo that acts a point of reference for consumers, you will continue to retain loyal customers as well as attracts new clientele. Your ideal restaurant logo should be memorable to everyone, communicate your business values and represent your brand in a visually appealing way. Below we have a list of different restaurant logo designs that you can use to give your business a competitive edge.

Fast Food Restaurant Logo

fast food restaurant logo

Do you have a restaurant, café or a food shop? Then this fast food restaurant logo template with resizable resolution will quickly capture the attention of customers. It has a resizable resolution that will fit in your various social media pages.

Pizza Restaurant Logo

pizza restaurant logo

People of any age love pizza and with this pizza restaurant logo template you can remind customers of why they love your tasteful product. It features editable text as well as red and white colors which you can change according to your brand theme. You may also see Burger Logo Designs

Coffee Restaurant Logo

coffee restaurant logo

If you are selling coffee, you need a logo that is 100% resizable and easy to edit. This attractive coffee restaurant template will make your business look professional. It is also easy to download so you can start using it immediately.

Burger Restaurant Logo

burger restaurant logo

Burger logo is the one template that you need to reinforce your brand message. Since this logo is easy to download, you can use it to attract and keep customers. You can open and edit this logo in adobe illustrator. You may also see Bakery Logo Designs

Vintage Restaurant Logo

vintage restaurant logo

Whether you are selling cupcakes or traditional meals, this vintage restaurant logo will communicate your business values. It isn’t just easy to download; you can also feature attractive colors that are easy to remember.

Seafood Restaurant Logo

seafood restaurant logo

This seafood logo template is suitable for both small as well as large businesses that sell fish, crabs, oysters or any delicious seafood. It features a catchy phrase and four bold color variations that will help give your restaurant a modern appeal.

Chicken Restaurant Logo

chicken restaurant logo

From drumsticks to wings, chickens are a delicious food that is mostly accompanied in many main foods. With this flexible template, you can edit the design and add your colors or text to ensure your logo best reflects your business theme.

Traditional Restaurant Logo

traditional restaurant logo

If you prefer a traditional logo, then this template is for you. It is easy to customize and gives you the freedom to choose between positive and negative logo designs. It is also easy to customize, well layered and organized.

Beach Restaurant Logo

beach restaurant logo

Beach restaurant template has editable vector logo which is easy to download and use. It features a CMYK color mode and four color variations that will ensure your logo is timeless, professional and visually appealing.

Mexican Restaurant Logo

mexican restaurant logo

Narrows Restaurant Logo

narrows restaurant logo

Forest Cafe Restaurant Logo

forest cafe restaurant logo

Chinese Restaurant Logo

chinese restaurant logo

Local Restaurant Logo

local restaurant logo

Love Restaurant Logo

love restaurant logo

Restaurant Directory Logo

restaurant directory logo

Food Restaurant Logo

food restaurant logo

Delicious Restaurant Logo

delicious restaurant logo

Mexican Grill Restaurant Logo

mexican grill restaurant logo

How logo designs are useful for restaurants and tips

Restaurant logos are a sign of professionalism, credibility and help consumers decide what kind of restaurant it is. When selecting the perfect restaurant logo, ensure it is adaptable to your restaurant menu, interior décor, and staff uniforms. It should be in a design that can fit your different social media platforms and be visible on the restaurant website.

Humans tend to remember more of what they see hence your logo has to be visually appealing. Your restaurant logo has to be definitive and differentiate your brand from any competitors. When consumers are familiar with your logo, they will associate it with the pleasant experience they had at the restaurant and come back again.

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