Relatively new to the creative and artistic arena, digital impressions is still in the course of finding a space for itself in the world of art. Whether you consider it art-real or artificial, we cannot overlook the apparent beauty and to express the same, we have today compiled a set of 10 digital art paintings that will definitely make a place in your heart.

1. Anton Semenov

anton semenov


Digital artist Anton Semenov’s work is absolutely stunning with a beautiful dark undertone. With a sparse use of colour, the detailed drawings of the artist showcase the beauty in just black, white and grey. The creations can be best explained as haunting but beautiful.

Take inspiration from the creations of the above-mentioned designers and create your personal genius, creative and beautiful digital piece of art.

2. Richard Davies

richard davies


Digital designer and illustrator, Davies has been in the business for the last 10 years and he majorly works with print and corporate identity. He has created illustrations for Rolling Stone Magazine and various other publications.

3. Aleksi Kostjuk

aleksi kostjuk


Kostjuk is a Ukranian digital artist based out of Munich, Germany. Passionate about digital art, his portfolio contains inspiring imagery which incorporates logo creation, the web and graphic design. He is also an active member of various art collectives.

4. JR Schmidt

jr schmidt


Digital artist JR Schmidt specialises in 3D art and motion graphics. Currently working at New York-based digital agency Firstborn, he is one of the new and promising digital artists we are looking forward to seeing more in future.

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