Creative and Beautiful Paintings Collection

Paintings come from the practice of applying pigment, color, paints and other mediums to a supportive surface. The paint is commonly applied to the base by using a variety of stationary, be it a brush or other implements such as airbrushes, sponges and knives. Paintings are often served to express the conceptual intention of the painter as it can be both representational and naturalistic. Still-life, photographic, narrative, abstract, landscape, and artivism. Read More

Paintings can be supported on the surfaces of paper, walls, canvas, glass, wood, clay,  lacquer, copper, concrete, and leaf. Materials that may be incorporated includes clay, sand, gold leaf, plaster, paper and even objects.

What are the elements of paintings?

The intensity of a painting is what enables the representation and perception. As every point it displays different forms of intensity, painters can fix shapes can articulate surfaces just by using color to represent shapes with meaningful symbols. The tone and color are the true essence of the painting just as rhythm and pitch are of music. As color is highly subjective, it displays psychological effects that can be observed all throughout different cultures. While the east associates mourning with white, the west uses black. As painters usually deal with pigments, there are considered symbolical and psychological meanings of color as they add the derived potential content of meanings.

What digital painting should I consider?

This form of art is developing through computer technology as it adapts to the traditional form of drawing such as charcoal, graphite, oils, acrylic paint, ink, water and more. Computer graphic software programs use a virtual canvas that provides a painting box of virtual brushes, colors, templates and other supplies. It is made to give artwork a different digital feel and look than the traditional way.

What are the styles of paintings?

The style of paintings can refer to distinctive elements, methods, and techniques that works as the movement for an artist. It can be consciously be involved or applied to a category. Modern style decides the cultural movement of cultural tendencies with originally arises from far-reaching and wide-scale changes. Impressionism demonstrates the moments that humans do not see, rather than the light itself. Abstract styles consist of visual language of color, lines, and forms to create a degree of independence. Photorealism is another paint based genre that uses photographs and the camera to gather valuable information to create a painting. Surrealism features elements of unexpected surprises as many surrealist artists use their work as an expression of their philosophical movement.


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