Behance is gradually emerging as one of the top creative platforms for artists across varied fields and disciplines to present and share their work with the fellow peers.Along with viewing the work of your peers one can also take inspiration from the large range of creative and artistic work present on the open sphere.

We have today gathered and listed top 10 digital design and art portfolios that should not be missed under any circumstance.

1. Alberto Seveso

alberto seveso

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Alberto Seveso showed passion for graphic art at a very young age by showing fascination towards graphic of skate decks and the cover of music CD of metal bands in the early ‘90. This attraction led him to create the brilliants artwork that focuses on illustration and digital photography. He has worked for several renowned and top notch brands like Adobe, Nikon, Sony, MTV, NATGEO, Playboy magazine, GQ among many others.

2. Marcin Kowalski

lukasz wiktorzak

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The native Poland, digital artist Marcin Kowalski is known for the creative and compelling digital campaigns that will make you ponder and appreciate the innovative and imaginative idea and design behind every creation.

3. Lukasz Wiktorzak

marcin kowalski

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26-year-old Poland based digital artist, retoucher and compositor, Lukasz Wiktorzak has been linked to the field of computer graphics, more specifically retouch and photo manipulation. The artist began his creative adventure with matte paintings which then evolved with 3D and compositing.

4. Chris LaBrooy

chris labrooy

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Illustrator, Typographer and Digital Artist and designer Chris LaBrooy, has always managed to create intuitive interest in the viewers with both the artistic use of typography and unusual use of graphical images.

5. Obery Nicolas

obery nicolas

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Art director and digital illustrator Obery Nicolas is a fan of surrealism and is known to create fantastic artworks that dwindle between imaginative and real. The result of this is “FANTASMAGORIK”, a series of black and white numeric portraits, with each portrait created with smaller digital sculptures. The goal of the artist was to recreate a parallel surreal world that deals with replicating mythical characters.

6. Pawel Nolbert

pawel nolbert

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Graphic designer and illustrator Pawel Nolbert does project for brands through interactive posters, animation and other branding materials where visual matters. The designer’s work has been published in many printed and digital publications. Nolbert works individually and has created art for reputed brands like Google, Apple, Adobe, Nike, Sony, Polaroid, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Red Bull among others.

7. Pete Harrison

pete harrison

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Digital artist and designer Pete Harrison is an award-winning creative director working under his online alias ‘Aeiko’. An established designer in the field of digital illustration he has been known to contribute with exceptionally creative works in both industrial and creative industries.

8. Aaron Campbell

aaron campbell

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Illustrator and digital artist, Aaron Campbell has a soft spot to make things more beautiful and functional with creative use of gradients. With a story to tell, every work of the designer maintains a lot of character and flair in the art.

9. Ahmed Karam

ahmed karam

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Digital artist, illustrator and art director Ahmed Karam is known for creating a mix in styles by drawing, manipulating and retouching and producing the most creative designs and artworks.

If not pursue and move forward in the field of digital design and illustration, we hope these creators inspired you to design something unique and meaningful in the field of art.

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