There is no second thought about the fact that every trained artist holds a special flavour and uniqueness in their creations but when the artist produces an artwork that astounds the audience at every level, we know it is a true masterpiece. Speaking of masterpieces in art, we have lately been seeing a number of beautiful and unbelievable 3D drawings that are so realistic that they will literally appear to reach out to you.

We have today collected a total of 10 best 3D drawings and artworks that will leave you as stunned as surprised.

1. Eiffel Tower Drawing

This 3D Eiffel tower drawing made just with multiple light and dark strokes of the pencil will actually make you extend your hand to feel the structure. With brilliant work of shadows and detailing, the drawing comes out to be beautiful and very realistic.

2. 3d Boat Sketch

3D boat sketch work made with just the right amount of sharpness and shading gives the drawing a very realistic presence. When you look at the drawing, the first thought that will unquestionably strike you is that the boat is all set for the sail and that proves the beauty and accomplishment of the 3D drawing.

3. Surfing Artwork

A subject of creative imagination this surfing artwork creates the effect of surfing on an actual wave with the mid fold on the paper and brilliant light strokes of the pencil.

4. Rising Skull Artwork

This 3D artwork looking like a skull rising from the paper is created expertly with the brilliant outlining and exquisite detailing in the shape and structure of the skull. The shadow effect just adds an extra touch of perfection to the realistic 3D drawing.

5. 3d Dinosaur Sketch

Place this sketch against a black backdrop and you won’t be able to distinguish that the drawing is done on a flat piece of paper. With the incredibly detailed work, the structure of dinosaur comes out roaring and overly realistic.

6. 3d Aeroplanes Artwork

With three 3D plane artworks placed in a concentric circle appear to be taking a flight with one emerging closer to the eye and the two appearing distant. The clear and dark shadows of the planes placed in a considerable distance make the drawing all the more authentic and original.

7. 3d Snake Art

One of the most realistic of the lot, this 3D snake art will actually leave you confused with the beautiful, clear and distinct use of coloured pencils. With the remarkable precision and striking colours, the face of the creature appears almost close to an actual snake.

8. Woman Sketch Artwork

This woman sketch work holds the perfect and realistic contrast with the angled and defined shadow and strokes for the parts and light detailing. The gradual subsidence of colour makes the drawing as genuine as artistic.

9. Elephant Artwork

The elephant artwork with the criss cross pencil detailing and rough broad outline makes the casual drawing hold a finished detail and original colour and texture.

10. 3d Kung Fu Panda Artwork

Holding the closest realistic impression to the much loved animated movie, the kung fu panda drawing creates the perfect figure with the detailed strokes, defined features and perfect emotion.

Be inspired by the artworks and create a piece that is close to your heart and holds the potential to move the onlooker just with a random glimpse.

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