When most people think of stickers, what comes to mind is usually are usually children’s stickers, usually of characters from media specifically marketed at that demographic. However, there are other kinds of sticker designs as well, not all of which are necessarily for children. In fact, as a visual medium, one might argue that stickers actually have far more utility than just for entertainment.

Though most people may think of stickers as being something for children, that is not always the case, as stickers have also been used for promotional and advertisement purposes. This does make a great deal of sense, as stickers can be seen as akin to posters. If anything, stickers can be a cheap, reliable means of spreading information.

Vector Sticker Design

Round Vector Sticker

round vector sticker

Vector Ribbon Stickers

vector ribbon stickers

Easter Vector Sticker Set

easter vector sticker set

Christmas Sticker Design

Set of Christmas Sticker

set of christmas sticker

Vector Christmas Stickers Design Elements

vector christmas stickers design elements

Wall Sticker Design

Wall Decor Stickers

wall decor stickers

Vector Wall Sticker

vector wall sticker

Wall Sticker Art

wall sticker art

Vinyl Sticker Design

Printable Vinyl Sticker

printable vinyl sticker

Car Sticker Design

Funny Car Sticker

funny car sticker

Eco Car Sticker

eco car sticker

Toy Car Sticker

toy car sticker

What’s in a Sticker?

Just as the name would imply, sticker designs are those designs included on stickers. In many cases, stickers are aimed at children, and as such they feature designs that would appeal to them, such as characters or designs from famous movies similarly aimed at children, or possibly even bedroom decor. Of course, to think of stickers simply as a children’s product is to overlook the fact that stickers can be used in other contexts.

Stickers are undeniably a visual medium, and as such share much in common with other, similar examples of visual media like posters and flyers. With that in mind, one might ask if stickers can be used for some of the same purposes as posters and flyers; to a point, the answer is yes.

Of course, one should take into account the obvious limitations stickers have, namely their size. Unlike posters, or even flyers, stickers generally have very limited space available to them. In the case of posters and flyers, there is adequate space to provide supplemental information that would be useful when trying to advertise specific places and events, space that stickers obviously do not have. This limitation is itself a drawback, but stickers still have advantages that make them a viable choice for this kind of work.

Different Ways You Can Design Stickers

Being that there are many kinds of stickers, there are a similarly large number of ways one can design their stickers, or even make their own mockups. After all, since there are so many ways stickers can be used, it only follows that it should be possible to construct specific stickers according to what a given user will need, or want, as you can make all kinds of stickers for your own use, such as map stickers. Some of the possible approaches include:

  • Round – Many stickers are designed to be round, rather reminiscent of button badges. Because of their shape, they are flexible enough to feature all kinds of imagery within the borders of the circle.
  • Image-based – Some other stickers are instead cut to follow the image they depict. For these examples, they can be shaped in a variety of ways, as they are dependent on the subject’s shape.
  • Verbal – Some stickers feature actual verbal messages that speak directly to their viewers. This is particularly noticeable in stickers that are made explicitly for advertising purposes, as they are especially bent on convincing viewers to patronize something, or else are just expressing solidarity with the object of support.

Wedding Sticker Design

Wedding Bride and Bridegroom Stickers

wedding bride and bridegroom stickers

Wedding and Engagement Stickers

wedding and engagement stickers

Round Sticker Design

Sports Round Stickers

sports round stickers

Set of Colorful Round Stickers

set of colorful round stickers

Round Sticker Labels

round sticker labels

Cd Sticker Design

Price Sticker Design

Price Tag Sticker

price tag sticker

Special Offer Price Sticker

special offer price sticker

Price Stickers & Ribbons

price stickers ribbons

Product Sticker Design

Farm Products and Animals Stickers Set

farm products and animals stickers set

New Product Sticker

new product sticker

What Have Stickers Got?

There are some things that you can assume of stickers. After all, as a visual medium, there are some things that are part and parcel of that kind of expression. Stickers in particular have a great many possible traits stemming from their having uses beyond pure utility. Some of the traits that you may want to keep an eye out for include:

  • Amusing – This quality can apply to most stickers, even the ones that are intended to be more serious. Many stickers have a playful, festive air to them, which may stem from their association with children, or to grab people’s attention by presenting themselves as something positive. In any case, many stickers and their imagery, such as animals, are amusing to view, particularly in light of how many of them are used for decorative purposes.
  • Simple – Stickers are actually inherently simple products, thanks to their small size. After all, unlike larger printouts, stickers cannot really feature large amounts of information; as such, it is doubly important that the only information found on a sticker be essential, something easily understood like hearts. Given a sticker’s size, overwhelming viewers with excess information is more of a risk.
  • Decorative – Given that stickers are meant to be stuck on surfaces, it makes sense that stickers have a decorative aspect. Like other visual media, stickers are intended to look nice, more so since they are generally so festive in the first place. And as their entire purpose is to be stuck on a surface, it is only natural that stickers be adept at contributing to the decoration of anywhere they are placed.
  • Flexible – Stickers can, in fact, be used for a wide variety of purposes; one need only keep in mind the many varieties of stickers there are for various occasions, such as holidays; one can only wonder how many such stickers depict Christmas trees. That is not taking into account that stickers can and have been used for purposes ranging from entertainment to children to advertising and endorsement. Perhaps the most extreme example would be that of blank stickers which can have any kind of text written on them to suit any possible need.
  • Informative – Stickers may not be as purely informative as larger printouts, but that is not to say that they cannot inform people of anything. If anything, stickers have to say quite a great deal with only limited resources, hence any message they carry must be succinctly. Usually, this extends to depicting characters, or imagery of a holiday or event, but stickers can also be used to express personal or political views. Add to that that stickers can do this even with their limited space, and that becomes a more impressive statement.

Sale Sticker Design

Sale Sticker & Labels

sale sticker labels

Hot Sale Stickers

hot sale stickers

Vector Sale Sticker

vector sale sticker

Colorful Vector Sale Sticker

colorful vector sale sticker

Disney Sticker Design

Disney Wall Stickers

disney wall stickers

Disney Frozen Stickers

disney frozen stickers

Sticker Label Design

Tags Stickers & Labels

tags stickers labels

Birthday Sticker Design

Happy Birthday Sticker

happy birthday sticker

Birthday Party Stickers

birthday party stickers

Blank Sticker Design

Printable Blank Stickers

printable blank stickers

Blank Paper Stickers

blank paper stickers

Fashion Sticker Design

Fashion Vector Stickers

fashion vector stickers

What Kinds of Stickers?

That stickers are a versatile tool is undeniable; they have quite a number of traits that make them perfect for purposes as diverse as entertainment to advertising. However, that said, there are still ways to classify stickers according to their purposes. It has been established that there is more to stickers than entertainment, and if that is true, then it is also true that there should be various types of sticker designs. In that case, some types of stickers include:

  • Entertainment – This may well be the use that comes to the minds of most people when they think of stickers. While stickers may have other uses that people would do well to keep in mind, there is also no denying that stickers have undeniable entertainment value. Stickers are a visual media, and can easily appeal to children because of how the subject of stickers can grab their attention. Stickers made for entertainment are fairly simple and easy to understand, which makes them effective “toys.”
  • Endorsement – Of course, stickers can also be used to endorse and advertise products, ideas, persons, and others. The most visible example would be bumper stickers, which can be stuck onto vehicles; this allows bumper stickers to be seen wherever the vehicle goes, providing an easy source of advertising. Of course, stickers can also advertise all kinds of things with stickers, such as places of business, or politicians. Indeed, many people feature stickers of such favored public figures as a sign of support and favor.
  • Blank Stickers – Some stickers are deliberately left blank so that users can fill them up with whatever content is needed by particular users. This is a convenient use, as this makes this type of sticker useful for purposes ranging from being name tags to listing prices at business establishments.
  • Holiday – During holiday seasons, one of the many holiday-themed products is stickers. Like most other holiday-themed offerings, these stickers allow buyers to enter the holiday mindset. These stickers will have imagery related to the holiday, such as hearts, Cupids, Christmas trees, or some other icon that evokes the holiday. When holiday seasons come around, you may notice the proliferation of such stickers as temporary decorations to welcome the spirit of the holidays, which is only natural.
  • Event – Other than holidays, there are other special occasions where you can find yourself in need of stickers. This can include non-holiday related events such as birthdays, weddings, and others. These are less likely to be encountered consistently, as not all such events occur on a regular basis. That said, one is still likely to see such stickers, as they would be a good way of setting a certain mood.
  • CD – This is a particular use of stickers, more so now that CDs are less common than in previous years. Still, if you produce your own CDs on a regular basis, you may find yourself in need of ways to label your CDs. Using stickers would let you keep your CDs organized, as well as allow you to give your CDs a theme, if the need struck you.

Stickers are thought of, perhaps unfairly, as mainly being for entertainment purposes. However, that is not really the extent of what stickers are capable of. If anything, stickers are flexible, versatile tools that can transmit ideas in a simple, succinct manner. If you wanted a cheap means of spreading messages, this could be one way to do it.

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