Whether on a single nail or all your fingertips, sheep inspired art is trending in the beauty and fashion world. What’s unique about this animal nail design is that apart from having the freedom to choose either subdued or bold colors, you don’t need to be an expert to recreate the design.

All you need is some cute acrylic nail designs; good nail art brush and lots of fun mixing and matching different nail polish!

Glitter Sheep Nail Art

glitter sheep nail art


Glitters are the best addition to your nails for a casual event. However, for a formal occasion, you can still add sparkles. Just opt to add them on top of a cream nail polish which draws less attention to your nails.

3d Sheep Nail Art

3d sheep nail art


Add a ton of boldness and elegance by opting for 3d sheep nail art. Perfect for parties and even a wedding, this nail art will be a hit among your friends.

Sheep Nail Art for Short Nails

sheep nail art for short nails


This unique sheep is a fun design that is suitable for both young girls and mature women. Use a bright green nail polish and add a sheep art to express your love for this cute animal.

Toe Sheep Nail Design

toe sheep nail design


Just like a leopard nail design which uses the standard black and white design, this sheep nail art also has to use the same colors for authenticity purposes. Add silver embellishment and wear slippers to show off your pedicure.

Rhinestone Sheep Nail Art

rhinestone sheep nail art


If fun is what you’re looking for in a nail design, then why not go for a sheep nail art. For a dramatic effect which is perfect for parties use red nail polish and add large shiny rhinestones.

Cartoon Sheep Nail Art Design

cartoon sheep nail art design


Apart from their cute character, sheep are one of the harmless and delightful farm animals. If you’re an animal lover then together with a sheep nail art, hand paint different animal nail designs like pigs.

French Tip Sheep Nail Art Idea

french tip sheep nail art idea


If you’re looking for a rare animal print that will make your French manicure stand out, then the sheep nail art, a few cute gold bow ties and silver rhinestone is the way to go.

Blue Sheep Nail Art

blue sheep nail art


Strip Sheep Nail Art

strip sheep nail art


Sheep Knot Nail Art

sheep knot nail art


Gel Sheep Nail Art

gel sheep nail art


Pink Sheep Nail Art Idea

pink sheep nail art idea


Gray Sheep Nail Design

gray sheep nail design


Red and Gold Sheep Nail Art

red and gold sheep nail art


Dotted Sheep Nail Art

dotted sheep nail art


While most of these sheep nail designs are pretty easy to do at home using nail polish, there are various cool techniques that you can also work with. Opt to use nail stickers, 3D stick on, nail wraps or take the easy way out and go to your favorite nail specialist.

Awesome Sheep Nail Design

awesome sheep nail design


Sheep with Bunny Nail Art

sheep with bunny nail art


When it comes to sheep nail art, your imagination is the key to creating a unique and fun design. The more you opt for a design that complements your skin tone, the more compliments you’ll get. You can even go further and add 3d sheep stickers on your French tip nails.

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