Caviar nail art or beads nail art has been an ongoing trend in nail art designs which is also popular for DIYs. Painting of nails is certainly a fun and fashionable thing, however, nail art makes it more interesting. Adding a glamorous touch to your nails by several amazing patterns also creates a style statement. We are now gonna sum up few of the caviar nail art designs which is an interesting take in the popular nail art design trend.

Multicolored Caviar Nail Art Design

multicolored caviar nail art design


Playing with colors in your nails is such a fun thing to do. These multicolored beads paired with pink nails create a vibrant appeal to the nails. Pair it up with a plain outfit to make sure that your nails steal the show.

White Caviar Nail Art

white caviar nail art


White never goes out of style, be it outfits or nail art designs. This pure white caviar nail art design is such a treat for the nails, they can instantly add elegance even when paired with casual outfits. Also, this nail art design can be flaunted with bridal white gowns at weddings. You may also see Bling Nail Designs

This romantic Valentine’s Day theme for nails in red, black and white is drop dead gorgeous. The whites are painted in beaded nail paint which is intricate and beautiful. The mini hearts inside black nails also contain caviar nail art.

Black and Silver Nail Design

black and silver nail design


Black and silver is a classy nail design and when beads are added to this fantastic combo, it looks super elegant. The silver caviar nail art in the ring finger and black caviar art in the thumb finger makes for one sexy design.

Peach Color Caviar Nail Art

peach color caviar nail art


The pastel palette containing pinks and peaches is a must for nail artists. This lovely floral peach nail art paired with white is an awesome combination. You could also get experimental with colors like pink, coral, beige etc.

Pink Color Caviar Nail Art

pink color caviar nail art


When it comes to nail art, pink is a MUST-HAVE in every girls nail paint collection. One cannot go wrong with pink nails and this awesome caviar nail art in pink and black exudes a feminine flavor.

Two Toned Nail Art Idea

two toned nail art idea


Two toned nail art in red and yellow with blackish patterns is one masterpiece which looks so very attractive. The intricate yellow-black prints in red looks super stylish and when matched with an outfit, it can be a head turner.

This is such a cool caviar nail art idea! The pretty pinks and whites with glitter caviar art in just the ring finger makes it look so elegant and sophisticated. This is the perfect way to look bling at a party while maintaining a classy style!

Red and White Nail Design

red and white nail design


Red is the go to color to flaunt at weddings! This cute red and white caviar nail art idea is perfect to wear for the next wedding lined up. The white nail paint in the ring finger has multicolored heart shaped beads, perfectly bling for the wedding!

This Disney nail art design is perfect for the teenage girls to flaunt their new found love in nail art. The Disney cartoon print, Eiffel tower and silver glitter beads are such a stunning theme to wear for a party. You may also see Lace Nail Art Designs

Navy Blue Beads Nail Design

navy blue beads nail design


Trendy Caviar Nail Art Idea

trendy caviar nail art idea


Simple Nail Art for Point Nails

simple nail art for point nails


Bright Dope Nail Art Idea

bright dope nail art idea


Caviar Nail Art for Wedding

caviar nail art for wedding


Orange Color Graffiti Nail Design

orange color graffiti nail design


Classy Pink Short Nails

classy pink short nails


Pink Color Glitter Nail Art Design

pink color glitter nail art design


Blue Color Gel Nails

blue color gel nails


Elegant Crystal Nail Art Design

elegant crystal nail art design


Nail art trend has never been faded while many trends keep coming and going. With new themes being added every day, this seems to be almost all girls’ favorite way to get dolled up. While there are plenty of patterns and designs in nail art, one theme that catches our eye is the caviar nail art trend where they make use of beads on nails to create a unique and stylish nail art design. The above caviar nail art designs are exclusively selected for you to flaunt them at your next party!

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