Whether for Halloween, wedding or costume party, girls always choose a nail art theme that matches with their outfit and that which expresses their character. Animation movies such as Monster High have made monsters cute and fun to talk about without getting chills. They come in different colors that easily complement the scary theme of Halloween and you can do most of them at the comfort of your home. Therefore opt to include monsters to your Halloween nail designs.

Dazzling Monster Nail Art

Dazzling Monster Nail Art Source

When it comes to creating a monster nail art, the number of colors you can paint on your nails are endless. This monster nail art features more than three different dazzling colors whereby the monster eyes are on a yellow pattern.

Monster High Nail Art

Monster High Nail Art Source

The monster high animation series has further popularized monsters as cute beings. So whether you’re young enough to go for trick or treating, or you just want to continue with this tradition, this nail art is perfect for Halloween and will match with any costume color.

Monster Energy Nail Design

Monster Energy Nail Design Source

Suitable for ladies who love a military theme, this monster energy nail art is elegant and cute. Like smoke rising from the sky, the white, black and green nail polish creates a magical design that makes this nail art eye catching.

Colorful Monster Nail Art

Colorful Monster Nail Art Source

Cute yet scary, this monster nail art uses different vibrant colors to make the art stand out. It’s so simple to do this design that even young kids will have fun doing it. For this design, opt to use three of your favorite nail polish color.

Frankenstein Monster Nail Design

Frankenstein Monster Nail Design Source

It’s impossible to talk about Frankenstein without mentioning the scary mute monster that he created. This nail art incorporates the green nail polish and skeleton nail art on a pink background. The pink color gives a feminine element to the design.

Disney Monster Nail Design

Disney Monster Nail Design Source

When choosing Disney nail design, most girls will go for those that include Mickey Mouse and Minnie cartoon characters. For your trip down to Disney land, these cute Disney characters will help you fit in.

Scary Nail Art Idea

Scary Nail Art Idea Source

Bring the scary monsters to life by painting them on your nails. With this nail art, you have the freedom to include two or three of your favorite monsters at ago. Just ensure white and pink are the main nail polish colors.

Dracula Theme Nail Design

Dracula Theme Nail Design Source

This Dracula nail theme is perfect for girls who are going for a vampire theme including adding fake fangs to their teeth to complete their costume. It incorporates a blood dripping red design on a white background.

Funky Monster Nail Art Idea

Funky Monster Nail Art Idea Source

This funky monster nail art uses bright colors to help the design look cool and fun. What’s to like about these nails is that the individuals applies different nail polish on each finger and draws some large-eyed monsters.

Cute Monster Nail Design

Cute Monster Nail Design Source

Skull nail designs are for girls who love pulling off a scary theme during Halloween. If you did that last Halloween, then you can up your game by going for this cute monster nail design which features different monsters.

Glitter Monster Nail Art

Glitter Monster Nail Art Source

Gel Monster Nail Design

Gel Monster Nail Design Source

Black and White Monster Nails

Black and White Monster Nails Source

Green and Pink Monster Nail Art

Green and Pink Monster Nail Art Source

Gorgeous Monster Nails

Gorgeous Monster Nails Source

Short Monster Nail Design

Short Monster Nail Design Source

Wonderful Monster Short Nails

Wonderful Short Nails Source

Funny Monster Round Nails

Funny Art for Round Nails Source

Pink Glitter Monster Nails

Pink Glitter Monster Nails Source

Leopard Monster Nail Art

Leopard Nail Art Design Source

Halloween Monster Nail Art

Halloween Monster Nail Art Source

For this design, you need five different nail polish along with the basic black and white. Apply the polish on your fingers ensuring that each nail has a different color. Using white polish color make two large circles on each nail and add a black dot.

Monster nail art can be cute or scary depending on your mood and preference. This nail art is so popular that whether you’re a fun of Halloween or not you can still wear cartoon nail designs to give your fingers a fresh look. So, be inspired and during your next manicure add your favorite monster.

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