This hairstyle has been quite popular since the 1930’s. It is called the two fingers wave hairstyle because you curl the front of your hair with two fingers. This hairstyle looks very traditional and nice and something that is back in fashion again and we think it will look amazing if you try it for a party. It is amazing because people won’t stop looking and hey, you will be bringing the 30’s back into form again. So let’s see how exactly you can style your hair in the two finger wave way.

Beyonce Short Finger Wave Hair

beyonce short finger wave hair

We love Beyonce’s hairstyle. The middle partition with the finger wave hair makes her look bold and beautiful. You don’t have to wait for a party to try this. You could try it to a brunch, or even to work and you will still look fabulous like her.

Kim Kardashian Side Parted Hairstyle

kim kardashian side parted hairstyle

If you have long gorgeous hair, take some out in front and curl it up with your fingers to make the perfect finger wave hairstyle. This gives out a retro feel so you could wear this to a party with a beautiful gown. You may also see Wavy Pixie Haircuts

Eva Longoria Retro Finger Wave Hair

eva longoria retro finger wave hair

Don’t go looking boring to work, make sure you look smart and chic and that is possible with a look like this. If you have short hair like this, style it up and your front can be like the finger wave hairstyle. It is a perfect combination of messy and classy.

Katy Perry Finger Wave Hair with Bangs

katy perry finger wave hair with bangs

Katy Perry looks very cute with this hairstyle and you could like this too if you just manage to finger wave your short hair perfectly like this. Make sure you cut your hair in front to leave out some bangs. This is the perfection definition of adorable.

Demi Lovato Finger Wave Haircut

demi lovato finger wave haircut

Doesn’t she look stunning with this hairstyle? The front waved hair and the rest of being combed back neatly is just gorgeous to look at. It gives out a look of confidence, chic and pure elegance. Look marvelous like her with this hairstyle.

Cara Delevingne Vintage Finger Wave Hair

cara delevingne vintage finger wave hair

If you have a special occasion to go to, this would make the ideal hairstyle for it. Push back some of the hair on the side where as let the other half fall in place neatly with the help of the finger wave style. You have to make sure your curls fall in neatly. People won’t stop staring with a hairstyle like this.

Penelope Cruz Pretty Wave Hairstyle

penelope cruz pretty wave hairstyle

This takes us back to when the queens used to dress to impress. She has managed to pull off this look just about perfectly. We love the retro feel and look of this hairstyle. You will look absolutely delightful so do give it a try.

Kate Bosworth Blonde Finger Wave Hair

kate bosworth blonde finger wave hair

This is another classic look that you can pull off perfectly if you carry it with confidence. This is for people with short hair. If you think you can’t have the perfect curls or wave because your hair is short, you are wrong. You will look as chic as her if you style it like this.

Vanessa Hudgens Finger Wave Hairstyle

vanessa hudgens finger wave hairstyle

This is to bring out the young girl in you. It is nothing to complicated. It is simple yet very nice and classy.

Jessie J Finger Wave Bob

jessie j finger wave bob

If you have very short hair and want to try different styles with it, there is one style right in front of you. This is chic, classy and wow so brilliant. We can’t stop looking at it. You may also see Pageboy Haircuts

Old Fashioned Wavy Hairstyle

old fashioned wavy hairstyle


Simple Finger Wave Haircut

simple finger wave haircut


Finger wave Hairstyle for Wedding

finger wave hairstyle for wedding


Shoulder Length Wavy Hair

shoulder length wavy hair


Brown Color Finger Waves Hair

brown color finger waves hair


Short Wavy Hairstyle Idea

short wavy hairstyle idea


Summer Hairstyle Idea for Women

summer hairstyle idea for women


Gorgeous Wavy Hairstyle Idea

gorgeous wavy hairstyle idea


Finger Wave Hairstyle for Bridal

finger wave hairstyle for bridal


These were some amazing finger wave hairstyles for short hair, long hair and every other type of hair. If you are someone who loves styling and experimenting with your hair then this is definitely a must try.

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