With so many celebrities sporting the look, the short, messy and wavy hairstyle has been the hottest trend of the season. Short wavy hair is easy to manage and gives the much-needed relief in the hot season. If you have a natural wave to your hair, let’s just say this is your hair moment in the sun.

Why should long hair girls always have the fun? Here are the 20 best short wavy hairstyles to match the wavy craze of the season. From sexy to cheeky to casual or elegant the wavy hairstyles are definitely the top hair trends of the season.

Analeigh Tipton Short Wavy Hairstyle

analeigh tipton short wavy hairstyle

If you have naturally curly hair, this Analeigh Tipton haircut is going to be the best fit. Add a layer on the top for bringing more volume and bounce to your hair. Keep the look natural as the curls shine through beautifully in a short hairdo.

Gretchen Mol Wavy Hairstyle

gretchen mol wavy hairstyle

Gretchen Mol Wavy Hairstyle is best if you wish to go for a really short wavy hairstyle. The style is easy to manage and if you have naturally frizzy hair this look is best to camouflage the roughness. You may also see Wavy Pixie Haircuts

Selena Gomez Stylish Wavy Haircut

selena gomez stylish wavy haircut

If you have naturally thick hair, Selena Gomez short wavy hairstyle is a perfect fit. Side part your hair and let the natural wave shine through. You can also lightly curl the hair towards the end to give a more defined look to your appearance. For maximising the wave, opt for a modest length that goes just below the length of your ear.

Reese Witherspoon Short Wavy Hair With Bangs

reese witherspoon short wavy hair with bangs

Reese Witherspoon look is one of the very smooth and attractive hairstyles to carry this season. With light front forehead fringes and curled hair, the look comes out glamorous and extremely charming.

Jessica Alba Short Wavy Hair

jessica alba short wavy hair

Jessica Alba short wavy hairstyle is best if you have a defined wavy texture to your hair. Cut your hair short and add multiple layers along with light forehead fringes. If you have naturally fine or thin hair this hairstyle will help to add the missing volume.

Jennifer Lawrence Short Hairstyle

jennifer lawrence short hairstyle

One of the easiest to manage and carry, the Jennifer Lawrence short wavy hairstyle is the natural and effortless look of the season. Chop off your hair till the length of your ear and keep the front a little longer than the remaining. Go for a deep side part and let your wavy hair do the remaining magic.

Khloe Kardashian Wavy Hairstyle

khloe kardashian wavy hairstyle

One of the slightly longer wavy hairstyles, the Khloe Kardashian wavy hairstyle is best if you don’t wish to chop off your hair really short. As the length of the hair goes till the shoulder, you can curl the end for bringing a rumpled wave to your hairstyle.

Anne Hathaway Side Swept Wavy Hair

anne hathaway side swept wavy hair

One of the other slightly long wavy hairstyles, the Anne Hathaway look can be achieved by adding multiple steps to your hair. The steps help to add the volume and bring a natural texture to your hair. You can glam up your appearance by side sweeping your hair and curling the ends.

Gillian Jacobs Casual Wavy Haircut

gillian jacobs casual wavy haircut

Gillian Jacobs look is the best fit if you are looking for a more casual and eased appearance. Just middle part your hair and curl the ends to bring out the texture and fun.

Emma Roberts Short Blonde Wavy Hair

emma roberts short blonde wavy hair

For Emma Roberts wavy hairstyle, add layers to your hair. Keep the length slightly long, the moderate length gives you the advantage of leaving your hair open as well as tying up in a messy hairdo when needed. You can also go for one part slightly longer than the other. You may also see Finger Wave Hairstyles

Natural Curly Hairstyle for Short Hair

natural curly hairstyle for short hair


Lovely Bridal Hairstyle with Waves

lovely bridal hairstyle with waves


Cool Wavy Haircut with Bangs

cool wavy haircut with bangs


Messy Blonde Hairstyle Idea

messy blonde hairstyle idea


Smooth and Shiny Hairstyle Idea

smooth and shiny hairstyle idea


Modern Wavy Haircut for Women

modern wavy haircut for women


Textured Bob Haircut Idea

textured bob haircut idea


Short wavy hairstyles are the best styles to frame your face and accentuate the best features. Short wavy hairstyles offer a range of options to express your individual fashion style effortlessly.

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