While there are other methods of data storage and transfer, there is still a market for CD’s, resulting in their need for packaging designs. You can find packaging designs for practically any kind of product. Even if you were to simply produce CD’s for your own purposes, you would find it useful to have CD packaging designs on hand.

If you want, you can feel free to use some of the selections available on this page. After all, some of the designs here can serve as basic templates that you can modify to make your CD packaging more personalized.

Corporate CD Package

corporate cd package

CD Artwork Packaging

cd artwork packaging

Vector CD Cover Design

vector cd cover design

CD with Blank Cover Template

cd with cover template

Keep Note of These

Perhaps the most important, or at least noticeable, parts of CD packaging designs is the cover. As in any product, the cover is the most visible part of the packaging. It is important that the cover design should be given so much attention. Of course, there are some other things to keep in mind when thinking of the package design. There is a great deal more to consider than just the cover which cannot be ignored.

  • One thing you would have to take notice of is the packaging type. There is an obvious difference between a standard CD case, a paper one, or a rectangular keep case. The kind of case you end up using can affect the packaging design, as you would have to accommodate different layouts.
  • Many kinds of packaging designs feature packaging art, both on the package itself and even on the CD. Including art in your packaging design can serve as a shortcut to convey the content at a glance. And while it is not compulsory, adding a design similar to the cover art to the CD itself can help make it fit in with the theme of the rest of the packaging.

Plastic CD Case Mockup

cd case packaging1

CD Package Vector

vector cd package

CD Box Packaging

cd box packaging

Realistic Black CD Package Box

realistic black cd package box

CD Box Template Vector

cd box template vector

Modern Blank CD DVD Packaging

modern blank cd dvd packaging

CD Sticker & Package Template

cd sticker package template

White Package Box with Disk

white package box with disk

Use These To Your Advantage

In a way, these designs can be referred to CD design templates since they can serve as basic patterns that you could modify. This gives you the freedom to make them more personalized to suit your purposes. Since these templates can serve any purpose, it is not surprising that you can find so many possible uses for these designs.

  • For some, their first impulse about these designs is that they might appear commercial. CD’s are not quite as popular nowadays, but that does not meant that there is no market for them. You could easily use the designs here to make your CD packaging attractive to a specific customer base.
  • On the other hand, you could just as easily use these designs to make interesting gifts. Since these designs are flexible enough to be modified according to your intent, you could come up with designs that might make for interesting and personal gifts for your loved ones

There are also other kinds of packaging designs available on this website, such as album designs, that you can use for a variety of purposes. Or if you want designs to use for other reasons, then they are available. Some of those include such products as food, bottles, and others, so you should be assured of finding something useful.

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