Tattoos are a great way of self-expression and reflect the wearer’s personality. People opt for tattoo designs that go with their personality type. Girls generally go for feminine designs, like flowers, fairies, angels or butterflies. Men, on the other hand, go for tough designs like animals, dragons, superheroes and the likes.

A common tattoo preference irrespective of gender is that of names and alphabets of the loved ones. Another design that is popular irrespective of gender is the Jesus tattoo. Getting a Jesus tattoo inked signifies spiritual and religious inclination. It is a way of being in sync and oneness with God. Jesus tattoo symbolizes power, faith, and belief.

Jesus designs can be inked in many ways on various parts of the body based on size and pattern.

Jesus Tattoo Design

jesus tattoo design


This design only has the face of Jesus inked either on back, arms or wrist. It is a plain tattoo which signifies the glory of Jesus. The tattoo is an appreciation and gratitude of sacrifices that Jesus made for mankind. The eyes of Jesus portray enormous kindness. This design can be an elaborate one on the back or a small design on arms or wrist.

Full Hand Tattoo Design

full hand tattoo design


Religious Tattoo Design

religious tattoo design


Traditional Tattoo Design

traditional tattoo design2


American Traditional Tattoo Design

american traditional tattoo design


The tattoo design can have many variations with the use of a rosary. The rosary can be depicted on the hands of Jesus or with a holy cross.  This design can be inked on back or arms. A small design can also be inked on the wrist.

Cross Jesus Tattoo Design

cross jesus tattoo design


The design shows holy cross behind Jesus. The tattoo can be inked with many variations. The holy cross with wings of angels, cross adorned with flowers, cross with thorns, these are some of the popular designs. Another unique design is that of Holy Cross with the name of Jesus. Another variation is a design of Jesus carrying the cross. The tattoos are perfect in small size on wrist or arms.

Tattoo Forever Design

tattoo forever design


Praying Hands Tattoo Design

praying hands tattoo design


People who have supreme belief in Christianity sport this tattoo. It shows belief in Jesus and his principals, the faith and devotion. The tattoo reflects the power of prayer. It has a special emphasis on the eyes while being inked. The tattoo has hands of Jesus clasped in prayers.

Moscow Tattoo Design

moscow tattoo design


Jesus Tattoo Cover Up Design

jesus tattoo coverup design


Bird Jesus Tattoo Design

bird jesus tattoo design


Supercool Jesus Tattoo Design

chinese tattoo design


Amazing Jesus Tattoo

amazing jesus tattoo


There is something touching and compassionate about this tattoo. The crucifying speaks of how Lord Jesus sacrificed his life for the mankind. It also shows the pain Jesus bore for us. The design has Jesus hung on the holy cross. The tattoo has a background design as well. This tattoo is an elaborate one, completely appropriate for the back.

Dynamic Black Tattoo Design

dynamic black tattoo design


Attractive Jesus Tattoo Design

attractive jesus tattoo design


London Tattoo Design

london tattoo design


The Jesus tattoo design is a very popular one and signifies deep belief in Christianity, teachings of Bible and Jesus Christ. The tattoos give the wearer a sense of belonging and oneness with Lord. It provides strength and hope in difficult times and hence is one of the most loved designs among both men and women.

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