The photography website temples are best suited for website owners for most effective display of their photographic skills. The photographic websites created from the photographic website templates look like they are created from custom designs and that doesn’t require too many technical skills. 

The photography website templates use the online photography services like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal etc. and the modern features are best for any business agencies, studios or any freelance photographers. The features like thumbnails or a grid layout is a must have for any photography website template as they are very famous nowadays. Lots of other features like full-screen sliders on the home page or masonry gallery are easily possible from photography website templates.

1. Photo & Video Online Store Template – $89

photo supplies opencart template

Latest equipment is a must have for photography. This template can be excellent for best product presentation with modern features for creation of a gorgeous website without many technical skills.

2. Fliper Full screen Photography Template – $49

fliper fullscreen photography template1

This template is best suited for expressing creativity and is excellent for creating a portfolio of any photographer or model. The modern features like a full-screen slider and other gallery types are best for a photography website.

3. Oyster Photo WordPress Theme – $59

oyster photo wordpress theme

It’s best suited if you are looking for a theme for your website which is easily editable and also has a lot of modern WordPress features. You can have this photo website template download for your photography website.

4. Photographer Portfolio Theme – $199

photographer portfolio theme

As the name suggests, the theme is suitable for portfolios and photographers with loads of modern responsive features. It will be excellent for companies and professional or freelance photographers to showcase their photography skills.

5. eClipse Photo Portfolio Website Template – $59

eclipse photo portfolio website template

This fully customizable website template is filled with utility features like menu navigation from the left side which will get the visitors attention to your photography. The flexibility and sleekness of the layout are the main attraction.

6. Photographer’s Portfolio Website Template – $69

photographers portfolio website template

This template is excellent for preparing any portfolio and has some elegant features like drag and drop editor, support and includes stock photos to help you create your desired website.

7. Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme – $49

photography portfolio wordpress theme

This theme is suitable for photographers to make a portfolio website and display their work. Customizable gallery options, easily editable and modern WordPress features make it an amazing theme you can choose for your website.

8. Photo & Video Website Theme – $59

photo video website theme

This theme is suitable for photo and video websites. Full-screen layout, responsive design, easy editing of color and content are some of its modern features which will help to create the website without many technical skills.

9. Responsive Photo Gallery Template – 199

responsive photo gallery template

As the name suggests, the photo website template is filled with responsive and flexible modern features to attract the gallery and photography work. It’s best for photography websites and photographers who want to create attraction to their photos.

10. Photo Gallery WordPress Theme – $59

photo gallery wordpress theme

If you are looking for the most flexible WordPress theme to highlight your photo gallery to the viewers, this is the one you are looking for. The attractive layout with customizable modern features makes it an amazing choice for photo websites.

11. Photo Studio Responsive Template – $199

photo studio responsive template

This template is best suited for showcasing the moments captured in a studio. You can have the photography website template download for sharing the amazing moments captured in the studio through your website.

12. Photo Portfolio Sidebar WP Theme – $49

photo portfolio sidebar wp theme

As the name suggests, the WordPress theme has a menu on the side useful for navigation. The other features include amazing picture quality and maximum focus on pictures along with awesome WordPress features for best exposure.

13. Photographer Portfolio ResponsiveTemplate – $55

photographer portfolio responsive website template

If you are a looking for a responsive template to showcase your photography skills, you must select this template as it is best suited for portfolios. Sleek and amazing features include full-screen layout and smooth transition display.

14. Minimalist Photo Magazine Website Theme – $49

minimalist photo magazine website theme

This is suitable for photo magazines with unique features to support blogs and full-screen gallery type to display the images and give a wonderful user experience to the viewers. It’s easy to use also.

15. Minimalist Photo Gallery Shop Theme – $59

minimalist photo gallery shop theme

This theme is well known for clean and proper display of the artwork and is best for photography shop websites. The modern features involve loads of smooth and sleek features which are best for easy website designing.

Photography website themes and templates require a lot of modern features which will make their website smooth and give the viewers an amazing experience along with focusing on the photography. You can choose your template for your photography website. The themes have a lot of modern features to help you with easy website creation.

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