There is a lot of online shopping portal take advantage of Magento templates as their preferred alternative as of their open source kind, easy to use features and striking layouts. Store proprietors get them easy and peaceful to use because they are completely encouraging for commercial activities. While it is easy to set up Magento operated Ecommerce shops, possible visitors get browsing these websites and really heartening knowledge.

Additionally, this type of website design also helps in improving the conversion prices of customers and inspiring return on investment (ROI) due to the lesser prices of employing it for complete range and prevailing operations.

1. Magento Coffee Shop Theme – $90

Magento Coffee Shop Theme

2. e-Shopping Magento Theme

e-Shopping Magento Theme

3. Magento Bike Shop Theme – $90

Magento Bike Shop Theme

4. Shopper Responsive Magento Theme – $89

Shopper Responsive Magento Theme

5. Magento Fashion Clothes Store Theme – $90

Magento Fashion Clothes Store Theme

6. Restaurant Multipurpose Magento Theme – $49

Restaurant Multipurpose Magento Theme

7. Fortis Responsive Magento Theme – $97

Fortis Responsive Magento Theme

8. Responsive Art Store Theme – $90

Responsive Art Store Theme

9. Blanco Clear & Easy Magento Template – $89

Blanco Clear & Easy Magento Template

10. Magento Supermarket Template – $90

Magento Supermarket Template

11. Black & White Magento Theme – $89

Black & White Magento Theme

12. Magento Electronic Online Store Theme – $90

Magento Electronic Online Store Theme

13. Milano Responsive Magento Theme – $94

Milano Responsive Magento Theme

14. Venedor Responsive Magento Theme – $98

Venedor Responsive Magento Theme

15. Wholesale Magento Theme – $79

Wholesale Magento Theme

16. Amazing Responsive Magento Theme – $79

Amazing Responsive Magento Theme

17. Responsive Prestashop Theme – $79

Responsive Prestashop Theme

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