Getting a new DJ Website Template has become easier with hundreds of templates available nowadays. These templates are chic and tempting. These templates come free of cost and plenty of them are available with predefined Html5.

A cool trendy website template is ideal to generate more visitors to your site and hence, in turn, it will help in churning big profits too. These templates are easily customizable and available in a plethora of grades such as Dj Electronica, Rave Dj, etc. The designs are momentous and come with various resolution and are cross platform in nature. A lot of templates come with customer support, technical support, tutorial to help with the designs.

1. DJ Responsive Website Template – $175

2. Night Events Website Theme – $49

3. DJ Music Template – $53

4. RockOn Responsive DJ Template – $54

5. DJ Responsive Template – $53

6. Dj & Radio WordPress Theme – $59

7. Music Website Template – $69

8. Music Band & DJ WordPress Theme – $59

9. DJ Responsive WordPress Theme – $53

10. Joomla Music Theme – $48

11. Music Band WordPress Themes – $53

12. Classic DJ Responsive Template – $69

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