Tattoos aren’t just designs inked onto your body, they are meaningful, appealing parts of you that either say something about you or remind you of an event in your life. Among the most widely used tattoo designs, helicopter tattoo design has become very popular especially amongst men.

Many army men get a military tattoo design inked on their skin, which is mostly a helicopter tattoo design to remind them of a certain event. You can also get your next tattoo from one of these designs.

Blackhawk Helicopter Tattoos

Blackhawk Helicopter Tattoos Source

This man from Colombia posted this picture of his helicopter tattoo design. This is a simple, bold tattoo design that even women can rock well. It would look best on a shoulder or chest. You can even get a certain date or phrase inked along with it to make it meaningful.

Military Helicopter Tattoo

Military Helicopter Tattoo Source

A very meaningful tattoo for the souls of soldiers departed. This is a memorial tattoo design which displays not only an object, but an entire scene with a helicopter in the background, and a pop of color in the sun. Most importantly, the names of soldiers who have departed are also written in the medals as an honor.

Army Helicopter Tattoo

Army Helicopter Tattoo Source

This black and grey tattoo is another example of military helicopter tattoo design. It is suitable for chest as it displays a wide scene, or on the shoulders. However, it is a very manly tattoo and is suitable only for men.

Small Helicopter Tattoos

Small Helicopter Tattoos Source

Helicopter tattoos are a symbol of success, flight, reaching skies, and whatever way you want to perceive them. Small helicopters tattooed on the arm would look great on a man, and would look hot on a women’s neck.

Skull Helicopter Tattoo

Skull Helicopter Tattoo Source

Show your military background or your nature with this tattoo. It may show death, or it may resemble the immortality of those who die in the name of their country. The helmet is a great variation of the usual pirate tattoo designs, which gives it a unique impression.

Cartoon Helicopter Tattoo

Cartoon Helicopter Tattoo Source

This one has a 2D outline, unlike the ones you have seen previously on this list. The green color of the helicopters is also a new characteristic in this tattoo as the previous ones were all black and grey. Also, it is a great tattoo to ink for any age above 20, and any gender.

Chinook Helicopter Tattoo

Chinook Helicopter Tattoo Source

Chinook is a troop movement helicopter, which this tattoo displays flying in the sky. It is a military tattoo which looks great on both women and men. This helicopter tattoo design gives the impression of a bold, mature personality.

Huey Helicopter Tattoo

Huey Helicopter Tattoo Source

Huey Helicopter is another military helicopter and so is this tattoo a military tattoo design. This helicopter tattoo is a large one, so it goes best on the back. Women might not like this one because most women prefer light, delicate tattoos, which is the reason why helicopter tattoo designs are most common for men.

Apache Helicopter Tattoo

Apache Helicopter Tattoo Source

These helicopters look like fighter helicopters flying towards a destination. The clouds give it an appealing look in the background and bring out the black silhouette of the helicopters. The details of the silhouette are amazing, so make sure you show this to the tattoo artist.

War Helicopter Tattoo

War Helicopter Tattoo Source

This tattoo design is very overly daring because of its size and its display of bloodshed in war. It does seem violent in nature, but can be very meaningful.
These helicopter tattoo designs are all brave and large. Another category of such tattoos is ship tattoo designs.

Color Helicopter Tattoo Design

Color Helicopter Tattoo Design Source

Helicopter Tattoo for Shoulder

Helicopter Tattoo for Shoulder Source

Soldier Helicopter Tattoo Idea

Soldier Helicopter Tattoo Idea Source

Helicopter Stomach Tattoo

Helicopter Stomach Tattoo Source

Black and Gray Helicopter Tattoo

Black and Gray Helicopter Tattoo Source

Vintage Helicopter Tattoo

Vintage Helicopter Tattoo Source

Sun with Helicopter Tattoo Idea

Sun with Helicopter Tattoo Idea Source

Helicopter Sleeve Tattoo

Helicopter Sleeve Tattoo Source

Scary Helicopter Tattoo

Scary Helicopter Tattoo Source

Helicopter Tattoo for Women

Helicopter Tattoo for Women Source

Half Sleeve Helicopter Tattoo

Half Sleeve Helicopter Tattoo Source

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