A pleated dress has a skirt that in most time looks full and stylish whether it is ironed or not. Many women choose pleated dresses because they are easy to wear for both casual and formal occasion. There are many styles and designs of dresses that have a pleated skirt like beach wedding dresses. In case you are curious to find out more, keep on reading for our amazing collection of pleated dress designs. You may also see Nautical Dress Designs

Black Pleated Dress

black pleated dress


Lace makes everything look chic and elegant. Like this pleated dress the skirt is a simple black color while the top has a beige background that gets a glamorous upgrade with the snowflake patterns of the black lace.

Pleated Maxi Dress

pleated maxi dress


This pink dress has a full pleated design that is appropriate to wear around the city. You can style it with a denim jacket for a casual look and flat sandals that you can replace with strappy heels for a formal one. You may also see Ribbon Dress Designs

Pleated Cocktail Dress

pleated cocktail dress


A cocktail dress needs to be chic and stylish at all times. This one has the perfect combination of chic and modern fashion with the black pleated skirt and the green top.

Long Sleeve Pleated Dress

long sleeve pleated dress1

You can find many vintage pieces like this pleated dress. The black color is perfect for winter season making this outfit ideal for work and special occasions. The design is also perfect for a ribbon dress.

Drop Waist Pleated Dress

drop waist pleated dress

Dresses with drop waist have a vintage style. Usually these dresses have a pleated skirt that is not too long. This white dress with the coral pink hem is perfect for summer and you can style with leather sandals.

Pleated Polka Dot Dress

pleated polka dot dress

A 50’s dress with drop waist and pleated skirt. You can get this design in a different color combination like navy blue with white dots or stripes for a nautical dress design.

Unique Pleated Dress Design

unique pleated dress design


Trendy Pleated Dress Idea

trendy pleated dress idea


Silk Pleated Dress Design

silk pleated dress design


White Pleated Dress

white pleated dress


Awesome Pleated Dress Idea

awesome pleated dress idea


Navy Blue Pleated Dress

navy blue pleated dress


Dark Gray Pleated Dress

dark gray pleated dress


Pleats have a way of making every outfit look girly and romantic. There are various styles in pleated dresses and you can get cute outfits that can be transformed for every occasion with the right accessories. No matter what you choose it will sure look perfect.

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